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Dr. Alexander Rivkin is the pioneer behind the wildly successful and popular Non Surgical Nose Job. He offers non surgical and cosmetic procedures from his practice in Los Angeles, serving the wider Beverly Hills area as well.

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Los Angeles is famous as many things, not least of which as the heart of the film industry—and therefore as a fiercely competitive cosmetic surgery market. In the heat of this competition, Dr. Alexander Rivkin has made a standout name for himself. He has had his fair share of television appearances, partly because his Westside Aesthetics Medical Spa practice caters not necessarily to the stars of Hollywood, but to everyone who wants to look more youthful and feel more confident.

Having earned his medical doctorate from the prestigious Yale University School of Medicine, Dr. Rivkin wasn’t content to give his patients the same old procedures. Instead, he innovated a set of nonsurgical procedures using FDA-approved products in new way. He was, in fact, the first cosmetic surgeon to perform a nonsurgical rhinoplasty in the United States.

Dr. Rivkin believes firmly that excellent cosmetic results don’t always necessitate a surgical operation with a lengthy and often painful recovery period. It is this philosophy that guides much of Dr. Rivkin’s practice today.

When not seeing patients at Westside Aesthetics, Dr. Rivkin teaches medicine as an associate professor at UCLA. He is also involved in several charities around the Southern California area, including those that raise money for breast cancer awareness and victims.

It’s that sense of giving back that informs much of Dr. Rivkin’s work, making sure that through his work, he leaves the Los Angeles cosmetic surgery community a little better than how he found it.

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11645 Wilshire Blvd.
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Phone: (310) 443-5273

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