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Dr. Robert Cohen is a cosmetic surgeon serving the greater Los Angeles area. He offers a wide variety of cosmetic procedures, including the Non Surgical Nose Job. These procedures can help patients look great without the need for surgery and recovery.

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While he may have been born in New York City, Dr. Robert H. Cohen is proud to a member of the diverse Los Angeles community. In fact, he now calls LA his home, and he lives there with his spouse and two children. Having earned his M.D. from the Chicago Medical School and performed his research fellowship at UCLA, Dr. Cohen now specializes in cosmetic rejuvenation in Los Angeles, working out of Westside Aesthetics.

At Westside Aesthetics, Dr. Cohen offers a wide range of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, including Artefill, Sculptra, the ever-popular Botox, and variations on those procedures, such as nonsurgical rhinoplasty or nonsurgical blepharoplasty. It’s safe to say that facial rejuvenation is a passion for Dr. Cohen.

Dr. Cohen coupled that passion with his underling belief in serving the community, and recently opened a Los Angeles facial rejuvenation free clinic, serving homeless members of the community as well as the poor and terminally ill, at no cost to those patients. It’s all part of Dr. Cohen’s core beliefs, which emphasize service and empathy.

It is those core beliefs that make Dr. Cohen such a vital part of the work at Westside Aesthetics, and he continues to make a concerted effort to improve his body of knowledge. Dr. Cohen is involved in several research projects, including a closer look at nonsurgical alternative medicines.

He may have been born on the east coast, but Dr. Cohen feels at home in Los Angeles, where he’s thankful to the citizens of that city and the patients of Westside Aesthetics for making feel welcome every day.

Practice Locations

Westside Aesthetics

11645 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Phone: (310) 443-5273
Website: http://westsidemedicalspa.com/

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