A Younger Looking Neck

A facelift can help your face look younger. But if your neck is still full of wrinkles and lines, the illusion can be undermined. A neck lift is a plastic surgery procedure designed to make your neck look smooth and youthful.

They say that you can tell a woman’s age by her neck. Your neck also tells a lot about how heavy you are, and by reducing fat and folds in the area you will appear to have lost a significant amount of weight. Anyone who has gone through a dramatic weight loss knows how troublesome leftover skin can be, but patients who elect to undergo the neck lift procedure are often surprised by the fast results and recovery time. A neck lift is a discrete procedure that can make you look thinner and younger without the look of having gone through an obvious cosmetic surgery procedure.

Candidates /Motivation for Procedure

A neck lift is the perfect procedure for those who want to make a significant change to their appearance but don’t want to look too “done.” If you have recently lost a lot of weight, or the aging process has reduced the elasticity in your neck, you may be the perfect candidate for a neck lift procedure. Those with weakened or lose neck muscles will love the results of a neck lift. Ideal candidates understand the risks and side effects of undergoing a neck lift, and have reasonable expectations of the procedures results.

Procedure Description

There are two main types of neck lifts.

Cervicoplasty removes the excess skin around and on the neck. This is perfect for those who have gone through a dramatic weight loss and are struggling with the loose skin left over. Your surgeon will trim the excess skin from your neck and lift the rest into place. This type of neck lift will reduce folds and give a slimmer overall appearance to the neck area.

Platysmaplasty removes and/or alters the muscles in the neck. This is a much more dramatic procedure with more apparent results. The surgeon will make incisions under your neck or behind your ears, manipulating your neck muscles to create the look you desire. This procedure is best for those who need a large amount of work, and are requiring a tight, lifted looking neck as a result of the aging process.


Cosmetic surgery procedures all come with their own set of risks and side effects. With the neck lift procedure, swelling and bruising can last for several days following your surgery. As with any surgery, you can also run the risk of infection, though this is very rare. You may experience numbness after your procedure, but a normal amount is not cause for concern. Take care of your incision sites and tell your doctor about any unusual side effects that you may be experiencing.


When undergoing a neck lift procedure it is important to remain patient while waiting for the results. It is best to wait 3 weeks after your procedure to participate in any sports or highly physical activities, but most who undergo the surgery return to work less than 2 weeks after their neck lift.