Lip Injections

There's no shortage of people who want big, bold, beautiful lips. In order to achieve that kind of lip augmentation, many surgeons use a few different lip injection techniques. Some patients want a fat graft lip augmentation, while others want lip injections with dermal fillers.

Big, beautiful lips are everywhere in Hollywood today. More and more women are seeking out lip augmentation procedures and lip fillers to create a full and fabulous look. Women who suffer from thin lips or have an unbalanced look to their face also find refuge in lip augmentation procedures because of how fast they can improve their appearance. Thinning lips are a sign of aging, and by plumping up your pout you can change the entire composition of your face for the better.

Candidates /Motivation for Procedure

Realistic expectations are important when undergoing lip augmentation surgery. Healthy patients who are aware of the risks of cosmetic surgery are great candidates for lip augmentation. Fillers and implants are making it easier than ever to achieve the look you desire, and doctors will work closely with you to make sure that your results are beautiful and perfect. Those who are looking for a temporary fix will often opt for fillers, while those desiring permanent results typically prefer a lip implant.

Procedure Description

There are many different types of lip imperfections, and many different procedures that can be used to correct them:

Those who suffer from thinning lips often choose lip fillers or implants to puff up their pout. Implants are a permanent tool of correction, while fillers are often more temporary.

Fillers can be used to balance out the lips, for those who have one lip that is bigger than the other.

Fillers are often administered without the use of general anesthesia, and seldom require any large incisions. While the results aren’t as dramatic as those achieved with implant, recovery time is much faster for those who augment their lips with synthetic or natural fillers.

Implants can almost always be used when a permanent fix is desired. Small incisions are made to the inner lip to create a pocket for the implant to sit in.

Doctors will help you decide which procedure is right for you. Depending on the level of results you hope to achieve, and the severity of the problem area, there are many options when it comes to lip augmentation.


All cosmetic surgery has its risks. Lip augmentation is a relatively safe procedure, however, and the process of using fillers eliminates many of the complications associated with surgery. Some patients may experience allergic reaction to the filler material, and foreign implants can sometimes be rejected by the body. Side effects may also include swelling, bleeding, and infection but are rare when the patient takes care of themselves and follows their doctor’s instructions closely after surgery.


Recovery time for lip augmentation is often fairly quick, and you will see your results after the swelling of the procedure has gone down. Lip fillers are temporary fixes. Collagen fillers are often very temporary, with results lasting 9 to 12 weeks. Fat transfer and other natural fillers have a longer life but can also have unpredictable results. Lip implants are a permanent fix, though the recovery time is much longer because of the potential risks and complications associated with surgery.