Get Rid of Lines and Wrinkles on the Face

A facelift is one of the most famous plastic surgery procedures on the planet. You can get rid of lines and wrinkles, smoothing your skin and making your face look much more youthful. A modern facelift is a great way to look much younger.

Today, there are many ways to look younger. Several cosmetic procedures can rejuvenate your face and give you a youthful radiance. The face lift, however, is still the best option for an overall improvement to your appearance. The procedure is highly effective and customizable for each patient to assure you get the results that you need and want.

Candidates /Motivation for Procedure

A face lift is ideal for those who want to remove fat and folds in their neck, deep lines around their nose, and give their face and skin an overall tighter appearance. Most face lift patients are between the ages of 40-60. Younger candidates may elect to have a “mini face lift” instead of a full on procedure because the results are less dramatic. The best candidates for a face lift procedure are those with good skin elasticity, so it is suggested that you quit smoking up to 2 weeks before your procedure. Also, those best suited for a face lift are aware of the risks and complications.

Procedure Description

There are a few different options when it comes to the face lift procedure.

As previously mentioned, a “mini face lift” is a technique best suited for younger patients. The skin is lifted and repositioned and the results are very subtle and involve very little scarring. The mini face lift procedure focuses mainly on tightening facial skin and not as much attention is paid to the neck or jowls.

The short scar procedure, on the other hand, improves the cheeks, jowls and neck. It provides the patient with a dramatic improvement, but with a slightly more natural result. The muscles in the face are lifted during a short scar face lift, and the skin is tightened with very minimal tension.

Lastly, the full incision technique is what many think of when they think of a face lift. In older patients who wait until later in life to elect for this procedure, a full incision is typically the best bet for maximum results. Muscles in the neck and face are tightened, excess fat is removed from the neck, and facial muscles in the jowl and neck are tightened to create a youthful looking appearance. This traditional face lift technique is best for patients with significant folds on their neck and face, as well as an excess of skin in the area.


There are risks associated with every cosmetic procedure. By following your doctor’s instructions after surgery, you can reduce a lot of the risks and side effects. Some of the potential problems associated with a face lift procedure may include bleeding, bruising, infection, and injury to the facial nerves, however the risks are usually very minor and the side effects are minimal if the patient is in good health.


Recovery time for a face lift varies, but typically patients look their absolute best within 6 weeks of their procedure. Most candidates who elect to have a face lift typically take a week off of work, and are back to their normal routines in a fairly short period of time.