Eliminate Brow Wrinkles

Wrinkles of the brow can make you look older than you feel. That's why modern surgeons use a brow lift brighten the face and make you look significantly more youthful. A brow lift is a relatively minor procedure, but it can make a big difference in how you see yourself.

Simply put, brow lifts are amazing. This extremely popular cosmetic surgery procedure has helped women look younger and more vibrant for years. If you are frustrated with sagging skin in your forehead region, the lifting of the forehead and eyebrows known as a “brow lift” can solve all of your facial woes. Typically sought out by older patients to reduce wrinkles and achieve a youthful glow, younger people may also be candidates if they suffer lowbrow or other inherited traits and problems.

Candidates /Motivation for Procedure

Many women are really concerned about looking older, and wrinkles in the forehead are a dead giveaway that aging has taken a toll on you. A brow lift procedure is perfect for those who want to smooth out the appearance of their deep frown lines and folds. The surgery is great for contouring the face, and reducing the appearance of drooping and sagging eye lids, eye brows, and foreheads. Candidates who understand the risks and side effects of the procedure, and are willing to have patients with their results will be the most successful.

Procedure Description

When it comes to a brow lift procedure, there are two major types of procedures:

The “classic lift” involves one long continuous incision beginning near your ears and going straight across your hair line. The scar of this procedure can usually be hidden under your existing hair and won’t be visible after you have healed. It is a fairly simple procedure that lifts the skin and gives you a smoother, tighter look; however because it is slightly more invasive than the procedure listed below, many patients do experience a longer period of recovery time and more pain associated with surgery.

With an endoscopic procedure, instead of one large incision several smaller incisions are made in the scalp. Using a tiny, microscopic camera, your surgeon will look inside your incision in order to view your muscles and tissues on a screen. Tools are then used to tighten and anchor your muscles into place, creating a rejuvenated look with a less invasive procedure. Because of the smaller incisions, recovery time is faster and the risks are reduced.


Side effects and risks are always important to consider when undergoing a cosmetic procedure. Those who undergo the “classic lift” typically experience more pain than those who elect for the endoscopic procedure, but pain medicine is prescribed after both surgeries to insure your comfort. With any type of brow lift, side effects can include infection at the incision site, as well as swelling and bruising of the eyes and forehead. Risks of this happening are generally low, and the better you take care of yourself after your procedure the less likely you are to have complications.


Most brow lift patients return to work about 10 days after their procedure. Those who have a faster rate of recovery, however, may return to their typical activities even faster. Avoiding heavy lifting and vigorous sports is suggested after your surgery and up to 2 weeks following.