Rejuvenation for the Breasts

As you age, your breasts can change orientation. Modern breast lift procedures are designed to mitigate this problem, giving the breasts a youthful buoyancy that can improve your entire profile. A breast lift is a great way to rejuvenate the breasts.

There are many different causes for the sagging of the breasts, but it is a problem that can be easily reversed. A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, can raise breasts as well as making them more firm and shapelier. With the contouring possible with a breast lift, you could create a whole new silhouette or simply return to the look you had years ago that you’ve wanted to get back.

Candidates /Motivation for Procedure

Aging is one of the most common causes for sagging breasts, but it is not the only one. Breastfeeding and weight fluctuations can also leave your breasts lower than you would like for them to be. If you have recently noticed that you’re unhappy with the look of your chest, a breast lift could be the procedure that turns your life around. A breast lift can and will also alter the size of your areolas, which may have expanded over time. Successful candidates of a mastopexy are women who are in good health and a have realistic outlook of what is possible with their procedure.

Procedure Description

Breast lift procedures are often done under general anesthesia, and the following steps are followed to lift and reshape your silhouette:

Different Types of Incisions: There are three common types of incisions used in a mastopexy. Around the areola and down the breast crease is a very popular and simple incision that will allow for a lifting of the breast with scarring that is easily covered by a swim suit or undergarments. Sometimes surgeons can perform the procedure with an incision that just circles the areola, and other times both horizontal and vertical incisions are needed. Breast lifts are very highly individualized and discussing these options with your doctor is critical.

Reshaping the Breast: After the incision is made, the underlying tissue is lifted and reshaped to create your perfect final look. This will add firmness to the breast and improve its overall contour. During this time the nipple and the areola will also be repositioned to a more youthful, natural height. To overcompensate for a loss of elasticity, doctors may also remove excess skin in order to give you the results you desire.

Closing of the Incisions: After your reshaping and lifting process is finished, the skin is tightened around the breast and the incisions are closed. Sutures, skin adhesives, or surgical tape are put in place to insure a safe recovery. Your results will be visible immediately, and overtime the swelling of your breasts will reduce and the incision scars will fade.


Breast lifts are a very personal procedure that should be done for the right reasons. There are risks associated with mastopexy’s, just as there are with any other surgical procedure. Risks and complications of a breast lift may include pain after surgery, visible scars more predominant than expected, blood clots, the need for a follow up revision surgery, and/or changes in breast and nipple sensation. Discussing these side effects with your doctor will better prepare you for what to expect after your procedure.


After your breast lift you will be bandaged up to protect you from infection. You will also need to wear a tight elastic bra to help reduce swelling and promote a perfect recovery. Your stitches will be removed when your surgeon feels as if you are healed to the point of no longer needing bandages. Your results will visible immediately, but you may not fully recovery for a few months after your beast lift.