Summary: The “G-shot” falls under the umbrella of vaginal rejuvenation, and involves making your g-spot easier to find and much more sensitive. Women everywhere are excited about what this means for the future of their sex life!

The G-Spot Shot

The “g-shot” essentially gives your g-spot a boost, much like fillers do that are applied to any other area of the body. The injections will pump up the volume to the area and make the g-spot more sensitive, which you can only imagine the effect that would have on your sex life. The derma-filler procedure that doesn’t require any general anesthesia or cutting is relatively safe and has very few side effects. Because there is no major surgery involved, your recovery time is almost immediate. You will leave the doctor’s office with the urge to hit the sack- guaranteed.

Confidence Booster

G-spot augmentation or amplification is a vaginal rejuvenation technique that focuses on that pleasure spot located inside the walls of the vagina. This area is very hard to find for many women, and this can cause frustration in the bedroom. The integration of the g-spot into your sexual activities, both solo and with a partner, can enhance your experience greatly. Orgasms can have a profound effect on your life and health. Below are just a few of the ways a healthy sex life can positively impact your life:

  • Stress release. It has been found time and time again that women with happy sex lives report that they are less stressed out and are able to manage their stress better.
  • Confidence. Taking ownership of your g-spot and enhancing your vaginal pleasure will give you an ego boost and likely make you want to be more adventurous in the bedroom.
  • Satisfaction. Women who partake in sex frequently and already enjoy it will experience additional pleasure they had no idea was even possible. You can always rejuvenate your experience, even when you’re already doing everything right.

Maintaining Your Pleasure

A cosmetic surgeon who is specifically trained and experienced in the area of vaginal cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation will administer a shot of derma-filler into the area where your g-spot is located. This should provide almost immediate results and sensitivity. The only catch is that if you love the experience and its effects, you will more than likely need to maintain it with repeat injections every 3-6 months. Similar to any other filler, like Botox or Restylane, the effects of the g-shot product will be temporary. If you are interested in pursuing the pleasure further down the road, it is suggested you receive about 2-4 injections into your g-spot per year.

Give it a Shot

If your sex life has been dwindling lately, there are definitely measures you can take to spice things up in the bedroom. A healthy sex life can change every aspect of your life, and you owe it to yourself to do whatever it takes to revive what you have lost. A fuller, more sensitive g-spot can make self-pleasure and intercourse with your partner better than it’s ever been before. Who doesn’t want to crank up the volume and experience orgasms that are out of this world? Ask a cosmetic surgeon like Miami vaginal rejuvenation surgeon Dr. Stern from Elite Plastic Surgery about the g-shot today. Trust us on this one.

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