Can plastic surgery boost your self esteem?

Have you been wondering, will plastic surgery make you feel more confident? In some ways, confidence isn’t the point of plastic surgery. There are plenty of ways you can pursue confidence. But in other ways, confidence is the entire point of plastic surgery. Each procedure is intended to help you feel good about the way you look. It’s an interesting contradiction, and it’s worth looking into.

In a recent interview with People, actress Patricia Heaton talked about how cosmetic surgery made her feel a little more confident. And we’re definitely happy to hear that! Heaton’s surge of confidence certainly isn’t unique. But can plastic surgery make you feel more confident too? Is that a universal effect?

Will Plastic Surgery Make You Feel More Confident About Yourself?

This question is asked often because a large percentage of plastic surgery patients are looking to address certain areas of discomfort. That is, there’s something about their bodies that make them feel self conscious. It could be the shape of the nose, a little extra fat around the belly, or some excess skin that needs trimming.

In these cases, the patient feels held back by this issue or that issue. It makes sense, then, that confidence would follow once the issue has been corrected. But it’s important to note that this confidence isn’t always guaranteed. Much depends on the mindset of the patient. Will plastic surgery make you feel more confident? Only if you want it.

The Desire for Plastic Surgery is Key

There are a couple of ways to improve the chances that you’ll be satisfied with your plastic surgery procedure:

  • Desire to have a plastic surgery procedure performed: It might sound obvious, but it’s definitely worth noting that it’s very difficult to feel good about a plastic surgery procedure you didn’t want to have. It’s typically only the patients that want to undergo a certain procedure that get the most out of it. That’s why we tend to avoid pressuring anyone to get plastic surgery. The results might be great, but that doesn’t matter if the patient doesn’t feel good about it.
  • Realistic expectations about what the procedure can accomplish: The second stage to feeling good about your results to make sure you have realistic expectations about what those results might be. It’s not terribly uncommon for patients to think that a procedure is going to transform his or her entire life. For better worse, most plastic surgery procedures tend to be much more calibrated than that. Patients who keep their expectations in the realm of the realistic tend to be much more satisfied with their results.

In order to make you more confident, plastic surgery definitely needs to be desired and expectations need to be realistics. Otherwise, it’s likely that all patients will feel is disappointment (warranted or otherwise). And it’s hard to be confident when you feel disappointed.

How Does Confidence Come About?

The reason that plastic surgery inspires a boost of confidence in patients is pretty straightforward: they feel good about the way they look.

There are a couple of caveats that go along with that, of course. First and foremost, there’s no guarantee that the confidence will last. There is certainly a type of confidence that simply comes from the novel and the new. (That’s why patients are often counseled against undergoing plastic surgery on impulse.)

But for most patients, the process of gaining confidence is both sustained and immediate. And the transaction is pretty simple. There was something that was making you feel uncomfortable in your skin. Plastic surgery address that issue and you’re left feeling good about the way you look.

Busting Stereotypes

There’s a stereotype that patients easily get addicted to plastic surgery. Or that most plastic surgery patients, somehow, want to change everything about themselves. The reality is that most plastic surgery patients already feel somewhat confident; they just want to change one or two things about themselves.

Sometimes that’s a breast lift or a breast augmentation or a facelift or a rhinoplasty. The one thing they want to change varies considerably–that’s the whole point of plastic surgery.

Boosting Confidence or Granting it?

The real questions, I suppose, is whether plastic surgery grants you confidence or simply boosts the confidence you already had. One way or another, the whole point of plastic surgery is to make you feel better about the way you look. Whether that leads to an increase in confidence and self esteem happens on an individual level, though it is quite common.

So will plastic surgery make you feel more confident? It’s certainly possible. But it largely depends on whether you want plastic surgery in the first place.

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