According to recent statistics published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, plastic surgery has never been more popular. Nearly 18 million people underwent plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures in 2018. That’s a significant boost from where that number was in 2017. And it’s not an aberration. These procedures have been gaining steam for years now. But will plastic surgery continue to gain popularity in 2019?

Will Plastic Surgery Be Popular Beyond 2019?

Well, no one can predict the future (at least, not accurately 100% of the time). So it’s hard to say for sure. But the data sure seem to point to an answer in the affirmative. There’s nothing at this time to suggest that plastic surgery won’t continue to gain popularity in 2019.

There are several reasons why we’re pretty confident in that prediction. And we’ll get into those reasons in a little bit. But let’s put it this way: even if something does send a shockwave through the world of plastic and cosmetic surgery, there’s so much momentum moving in so many different directions that it’s difficult to see a future in which plastic surgery does not continue to gain popularity in 2019.

Reasons Why Plastic Surgery Was So Popular in 2018

In order to look at the reason why plastic surgery will likely continue to gain popularity in 2019, it might be helpful to take a look at why cosmetic and aesthetic procedure were so popular in 2018. And there are several different reasons we need to look into:

  • Results are more refined than ever before. Surgeons have more control, more tools, and more options. This means that patients can get a more refined and natural-looking final result than at any point in history.
  • Recovery times are faster. This means that you lose out on a less work (or leisure time) when you undergo a plastic surgery procedure. Faster recovery also means, well, less discomfort.
  • Patients have more procedures to choose from. These days, it feels like there’s a plastic surgery procedure for just about everything. This keeps plastic surgery relevant and useful.
  • The economy is doing pretty well. Generally speaking, of course, the economy is humming along (that doesn’t mean there aren’t some dark spots–I’m just speaking broadly). When more people have disposable income, plastic surgery procedures tend to do well.

That said, perhaps the most powerful reason that plastic surgery procedures tend to do well is because of the rise in non invasive options. The popularity of procedures such as Botox or dermal fillers are staggering. That doesn’t mean that invasive procedures such as breast augmentation are not also getting more popular (breast augmentation was more popular in 2018 than in 2017, so it’s definitely growing in appeal).

The Importance of Non Invasive Options

Let’s put it this way. There were something like 7 million Botox injections performed in the United States in 2018 alone. To put that in perspective, the single most popular plastic surgery procedure was breast augmentation–with just over 300,000 procedures performed. The difference between those two is staggering.

And it’s been like that for years, with Botox being performed millions of times. There are plenty of reasons for this, of course. Botox and other injectables are effective, safe, and easy for patients to undergo. There’s no recovery. He cost is significantly less expensive.

But that’s not all there is to it. More and more, patients are demanding less invasive options and alternatives. They want to undergo a certain procedure, but they’d rather not take on the risk and recovery associated with surgery. This makes a lot of sense, even if it’s not always physically possible. And there are trade-offs, of course. A non surgical nose job can indeed change your nose, give you immediate results, and require no recovery period. But you won’t get the kind of bold transformation that surgery will provide.

Looking to the Future

With non invasive options becoming more popular across the board, it’s unlikely that the popularity of plastic surgery will wane in the coming years. Add on the pressures created by society (and exacerbated by social media), and you can see how we might expect plastic surgery to continue to gain popularity in 2019.

Because the appeal of these procedures, both surgical and non surgical, shows no signs of abating any time soon.

About the Author: Nick Engebretson is a marketer who has been writing about plastic surgery for over twenty years. He’s always talking to surgeons about the latest and greatest procedures–and the new trends for the field.

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