Summary: The unfortunate stigma that still surrounds breast augmentation in some circles causes some women to be concerned that their results will look obvious or unnatural. Fortunately, times and implant options have changed considerably, and natural looking breast augmentation results are now the norm.



Whether you’re worried that everyone will notice your new breast implants or you simply need a little convincing, debunking the myth that breast augmentation looks unnatural can help you make an informed decision.

Early-Generation Implants

First-generation breast implants paved the way for more modern alternatives. When breast augmentation first became popular in the 1960’s, and options were limited, early saline-filled implants were praised for their achievement and not necessarily their natural-looking results. First-generation implants were round and very distinctive, with a higher profile, creating enhanced silhouettes and an obviously altered look.

This obviously enhanced look was the appearance that many people associated with implants, and it’s still what a lot of people imagine when they think about breast augmentation today.

Present Day Implants

As medical technology and cosmetic surgery evolved, surgeons and manufacturers achieved more natural-looking results. These days, many women want their implants to be subtle, proportionate and complementary to their physique. Modern implant options can be tailored to different body types while delivering the desired results.

Saline-filled implants remain a breast augmentation option, and a skilled surgeon can use this implant type to achieve very natural and flattering results. Even better, newer silicone gel implants and “gummy bear” implants have a look and feel that’s even more like natural breast tissue, and they’ve now become the implant type of choice for breast enlargement surgery.

Telltale Signs of Breast Augmentation

A high profile – Early implants sat very high on the chest, had an unnatural, full profile and even had a rigid appearance. Some women today still want this obviously enhanced look, but the trend is certainly toward a more subtle result. Breast implants today can be tailored to your body type and can deliver a very natural look.

Incision scars – Another telltale sign of breast augmentation used to be the presence of noticeable post-surgery incision scars. Fortunately, the size and location of incision scars have improved over time. Now, the incision is much smaller, and the scars left behind can often be hidden under the natural fold of the breast or even in the darker pigment of the areola. Plus, better scar creams and ointments can be used to help scars fade.

Disproportionate size – One of the more apparent signs of breast augmentation can be the disproportionate size of the implants compared to the woman’s body. Depending on the size, breast implants can look small and natural or large and very apparent. While some women still want the over-the-top look, that’s just not the norm today.

Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

Making any change to your body is a big decision, and you should feel comfortable that you know the facts about breast augmentation. Voicing your concerns with your cosmetic surgeon and discussing your options is essential. Doing your research and deciding which implants you want is important, but finding the right surgeon to perform the procedure can make a world of difference.

Make sure you’re in good hands once you’ve committed to breast augmentation. Don’t underestimate the importance of a thorough consultation and choosing an experienced breast augmentation surgeon.