Why is breast augmentation so popular when other plastic surgery procedures seem to wane over time? It’s a good question. Certainly, breast augmentation benefits from being well embedded in the public consciousness. But there are other reasons this procedure continues to be exceptionally popular, year after year. Some of those reasons are very individualized, but some are broader.

Why is Breast Augmentation Popular Year After Year?

If there’s one procedures that’s always been associated with aesthetic plastic surgery–both in good and bad ways–it’s breast augmentation. This procedure shows up in the top five plastic surgery procedures with near annual regularity. But why is breast augmentation so popular? What is it about this procedure that creates enduring appeal?

That’s not exactly an easy question to answer, if only because there are myriad motivations behind just about any plastic surgery procedure on the planet. Every procedure–even the most popular and universal ones–are all deeply personal.

But there are certainly some trends we can examine. These trends won’t apply to everyone, necessarily, but they are indicative of the kind of trends, styles, and feelings that have kept breast augmentation so popular for so long. Because even though our definitions of beauty have changed considerably in the past few decades, the breast augmentation has remained relatively constant–if not in results then in popularity.

It’s Hard to Change Your Breasts Naturally

One of the reasons that breast augmentation remains so staggeringly popular is also relatively simple: it’s very difficult to naturally change your breasts. If you want larger breasts, especially, there’s not a whole lot you can do.

Sure, there are some exercises that have been shown to marginally increase the size of the breasts. But that’s putting a lot of pressure on yourself for a result that you might not even accomplish. Bodies can be fickle things, after all.

And changing your diet won’t really alter your breast size overly much either–at least not with any control. If you want to increase the size of your breasts in a deliberate and controlled manner, breast augmentation is really your only real choice. And that’s not something that is going to change any time soon–something that will certainly contribute to the procedure’s ongoing popularity.

Incisions Are Getting Smaller

It’s never been easy to change your breasts naturally (in fact, it’s essentially impossible). But it has become easier to change your breast size through surgery. In large part that’s because of two factors:

  • Incisions are getting smaller: As has been the case with surgery generally, incisions have been getting smaller. Surgeons recognize just how much a less invasive approach benefits patient comfort, results, and recovery. As a result, incisions for breast augmentation tend to be getting smaller.
  • Patients are recovering more quickly: For a variety of reasons (smaller incisions among them), patients are recovering more quickly today than they did even ten years ago. A faster recovery generally means better results and improved comfort for the patient, making the entire process a little easier for patients.

Now, this doesn’t mean that breast augmentation is necessarily easy or that there aren’t any risks involved. It’s still a surgical procedure, and those all carry some inherent risks. But it’s definitely something you can talk to your surgeon about.

The Aesthetics of the Breasts

It’s difficult to underplay the outsized role that breasts play in our definitions of “beauty,” socially speaking. Sure, on an individual level, breasts may or may not matter to any individual. But there’s a certain social capital that breasts of a certain size, shape, or ratio create.

Or, said another way, patients just want to feel confident. They want to feel great in their own bodies. For many women, changing the size of the breasts is a way to do that, especially when it comes to the ratios and proportions of the body.

And it’s hard to blame anyone for that. For some women, breast augmentation is a great way to achieve that level of confidence and self esteem. But that desire must be an internal one in order to be successful. In other words, this is definitely not the kind of procedure that works when someone is pressured into it.

Not Going Anywhere

It’s incredibly unlikely that breast augmentation is going anywhere. It’s, in fact, more likely that we’ll see continued increases (or at least stability) in the popularity of the procedure. There are simply too many reasons why this procedure might remain in demand in the near future.

If you want to know more about what a breast augmentation might be able to do for you or your body, the best place to find answers is from your local, board certified plastic surgeon. Why is breast augmentation so popular? Your surgeon might have more answers.

About the Author: Nick Engebretson has been working with plastic and cosmetic surgeons for over twenty years–and writing about the field for almost as long.

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