The Stunning Rise of the Medical Spa

Why are MedSpas so popular all of the sudden? Or, is it even all that sudden? If you think about it, Medical Spas have been gaining in popularity for quite some time. But what’s driving that popularity? What is it about medical spas that have such a broad appeal? The procedures they offer? Maybe it has something to do with the overall atmosphere of the procedures. That’s why we’re going to try to find out!

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Twenty years ago, the term “medical spa” was barely around. Today, it seems like there’s a MedSpa on every corner. So why are MedSpas so popular? And where did they come from? It turns out the answers to these questions have a lot to do with how we view the cosmetic surgery field in general–and those procedures involved specifically.

Why Are MedSpas So Popular Today?

The way things used to be, you’d go to a cosmetic surgery clinic or a laser clinic or some kind of clinic. The important thing is that “clinic” was almost always in the name. This lent an air of credibility and medical-ness to that particular location, service, and surgeon.

But these days, that extra layer of credibility isn’t really necessary. The procedures themselves, from Botox to Kybella to Coolsculpting, already bring with them a profound medical aura. That’s allowed what was once the cosmetic surgery clinic to pivot, in a way, emphasizing the rejuvenating side of cosmetic procedure. Indeed, the term “MedSpa” is meant to evoke feelings of relaxation in addition to images of rejuvenation and restoration. In other words, the term “MedSpa” seems to imply that you’ll be able to take some of those wrinkles off your face and be pampered while you do.

A Combination of Factors

The combination of pampering and youthifying is something that most patients expect these days. And it’s one of the primary reasons that Medical Spas have become so increasingly popular. There are some cosmetic surgery procedures that can be somewhat stressful, especially if you aren’t in love with needles. So a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere goes a long way.

But there’s something else at work here, too, that makes Medical Spas particularly appealing. There’s the idea that you’ll be taken care of, that the spa takes a kind of holistic approach to how you look and feel. In other words, medical spas might be popular because they put an emphasis on ensuring you look good and feel good.

The transition from “cosmetic surgery clinic” to “medical spa” also allows providers to offer a wider variety of services. Essentially, a medical spa can offer every procedure that a cosmetic surgery clinic can and then some (adding procedures designed to improve comfort or good feelings).

What Procedures Are Available at a Medical Spa?

With all that being said, you might be forgiven for wondering what medical procedures are actually available at a medical spa. In large part, however, there’s no default set of procedures that all medical spas offer. It’s going to vary from medspa to medspa. However, there are some staples that are widely available:

  • Botox injections: These injections are designed to target and eliminate certain kinds of wrinkle formations
  • Dermal filler injections: Dermal fillers have a wide variety of applications, but their most prominent is to add volume to the face (and, therefore, help the face appear more youthful)
  • Laser procedures: Laser procedures are used to solve a wide variety of issues. As such, there are a wide variety of laser systems out there. It’s likely that your medspa will have at least one of them.
  • Microneedling: SkinPen is a popular Microneedling device, but it’s certainly not the only one available. Indeed, microneedling is a popular way to address acne scars and make the skin appear more youthful.

This is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg. You can find procedures such as Kybella, peels and washes, and even something like Coolsculpting or non surgical nose job, depending on the medical spa in question.

What Won’t You Find?

What you won’t find at a medspa is any kind of plastic surgery procedure. Surgical facelifts or breast augmentation will all be performed by plastic surgeons (and those surgeons may run a medical spa, but they likely won’t perform surgery out of that medspa). Liposuction may be the rare exception, but that’s a procedure you want to be very careful about undergoing without the supervision of a highly qualified (preferably board certified) plastic surgeon.

So why are MedSpas so popular? Well, I think it has something to do with the kind of procedures available and the type of atmosphere those procedures are available in. Rejuvenation is great way to pamper yourself. It’s a great way to reward yourself.

Being able to do that in the same kind of space that you can mentally relax as well is an added bonus. And it’s a bonus that patients are willing to pay for and have come to expect. That’s why I don’t think medical spas are going anywhere anytime soon.


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About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures for over four years. He works with surgeons to ensure his conveys accurate information in a way that’s easy to understand.

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