Summary: The question of when to plan your plastic surgery procedure comes up often. To a certain degree, patients do have some control over when you get your procedure performed (depending also on your plastic surgeon’s schedule, of course). In any event, many people assume that summer is the perfect time to get your plastic surgery procedure. But that may not be the case. In fact, for those who do experience significant changes in seasons, fall or winter may be the best. That said, much is left to personal preference. So, in the end, a lot of this will depend on you.

when to plan your plastic surgery procedure

The Summer: When to Plan Your Plastic Surgery Procedure?

Sunlight is dwindling. Leaves are falling from the trees. The nights are getting frigid and the kids are back at school. Autumn has arrived—at least, if you live in an area that experiences seasonal changes. Sure, Los Angeles has season, we get that—but for those of us who have to shovel snow in the winter, LA is pretty much summer all year round. But for those of us who have to deal with shifting temps and changing landscapes (and even for those of us who enjoy such things), seasonality can have an effect on when we decide to get plastic surgery, both for primary reasons and for secondary reasons.

Those summer months, for example, can be quite romantic, especially in how we think about them. Imagine, recovering from your plastic surgery while lounging around the pool—after all, if you can’t exactly be mobile, you may as well work on your skin tone. Turns out, that’s not a great idea. When it’s healing (and swelling), your skin really isn’t a big fan of being warm and sweaty, as it tends to promote even more swelling and slow the overall healing process. In other words, hanging out by the pool and being sweaty isn’t great for your recovery. You want to stay somewhere cool—as in, inside an air conditioned home.

Obstacles for Plastic Surgery in the Summer Months

And there’s one of the major obstacles to plastic surgery recovery in the summer months—especially when those summer months are limited. The main problem is that people would rather be doing something else in the summer. It’s not as though plastic surgery is going to take up three months of your life—most people recover from plastic surgery procedures in a matter of days or weeks (at least to the point where they can engage in normal activities—and, of course, it depends on the surgery you had performed).

But losing even a couple of weeks of summer can be undesired. So why not put the surgery off until those winter months, when you’ll be cooped up inside anyway? That is, in fact, what many people do—but there are some patients who actually prefer to get plastic surgery during the summer months. First and foremost on the list are teachers. Most teachers get a decent summer break—at least six weeks and usually something like three months. That means that if a teacher is interested in getting plastic surgery, he or she has ample time to recover from the procedure before going back to school—also meaning that the procedure will likely be less noticeable in any kind of negative way.

Plastic Surgery for Students and Teachers

Interestingly, the same also holds true for students. Whether in college or in high school, plastic surgery for teens and young adults is something that is increasing in popularity, despite some thorny ethical issues associated with that. Teens, obviously, want to feel comfortable in their own bodies, and sometimes the only way to accomplish that is through plastic surgery. Regardless of whether we agree with the notion of plastic surgery for teens, it seem undeniable that many teenagers (with their parents’ consent if they are under 18) have found a certain degree of emotional wellbeing due to these procedures, and summer is a great time to recover from them.

There are also, of course, very minor procedures: things like Botox injections or dermal filler injections—these things require almost no recovery time, and so they can be performed at any time during the summer without any kind of downside. And, of course, there are some things we just don’t get to control. Some procedures have to be performed when they come up—speaking specifically of reconstructive surgery.

That said, anybody who wants plastic surgery can be accommodated all year round. Individuals, after all, have their own schedules. The Ridgewood, New Jersey, plastic surgery clinic East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery offers these types of procedures all year round, in fact, and patients are always looking for that. The availability of plastic surgeons is certainly one deciding factor when it comes to when to plan your plastic surgery procedure.

If you’re interested in plastic surgery procedures, contact your local highly qualified plastic surgeon today. They will be able to give you a good indication of when you can begin, when you’ll end, and when you can start enjoying your results. Whether you want surgery in Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring—you definitely want to enjoy your results as soon as possible.