Summary: It might not be a shocker to everyone, but it seems somewhat surprising that Milliennials are flocking to plastic surgery procedures, making up an ever-increasing percentage of patients. Much of that, undoubtedly, has to do with the way that particular group is aging, but it also stands to reason that it has something to do with the way that plastic surgery has gotten better at generating subtle and natural-looking results. In other words, plastic surgery isn’t just for big results anymore—you can get subtle, smaller results with plastic surgery procedures.

plastic surgery for millennials

The Case for Plastic Surgery for Millennials

If there’s one group of people who may seem exempt from the appeal of plastic surgery, it would be young people. After all, they have the quality of youth—their skin is smooth, their faces fresh and vibrant, their bodies toned and athletic. However, one of the few curses that accompanies youth is (if you’re thinking about it, anyway) the possibility of losing that youth. We all know, after all, that youth is exceptionally fleeting. Once you begin to see the signs of aging, it’s not surprising that you might be tempted to act. But is this a good thing? Does plastic surgery for Millennials make sense?

On a certain level, the answer is definitely yes. After all, Millennials wouldn’t be spending the money on plastic surgery if it wasn’t providing a benefit—certainly not in the numbers we’re seeing. In fact, I think there are a couple of things going on here. We certainly live in a world that increasingly values youth—the younger person gets the promotion, gets the date, gets the raise, and so on. The younger you look, the more successful you are perceived to be. (For the record, I am in no way saying this is something I agree with—it’s, in fact, something that I think we need to work on quite deliberately.) It certainly factors into the popularity of plastic surgery for Millennials, but I think there are two other bigger factors at work here.

The Ability of Plastic Surgery to be Subtle

Plastic surgery has long been lauded for creating big, bold, noticeable effects—think of breast augmentation or tummy tuck procedures. If the results aren’t big, then the procedure is, perhaps, less worth it. However, in recent years, plastic surgeons have developed a reputation for also being able to deliver natural-looking, subtle effects.

Surgical Procedures that Yield Subtle Effects

There are, in fact, a number of procedures that are designed specifically for those reasons, including the following:

  • Eyelid Lift: This procedure doesn’t change much about it. An eyelid lift removes excess tissue from around the eyes. It sounds like a minor change, but it can make a big difference. According to the website of the McLean, VA, eyelid lift experts at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, eyelid lifts can make patients look and feel much more youthful. But in the grand scheme of plastic surgery, it’s still a pretty minor procedure.
  • Brow Lift: In much the same way that an eyelid lift focuses on only the eyes, a brow lift eliminates excess skin from around the forehead. This is one of the first areas where excess skin (read: wrinkles) begins to form, so it makes sense to address these wrinkles first in a subtle way.
  • Breast Lift: One of the most popular breast enhancement procedures out there, breast lifts will restore the breast to a more youthful looking appearance. As you age, the breast will succumb to gravity, and the orientation will change. A breast lift restores youthful perkiness (and bounce) to the breasts. It’s a slightly more intense procedure, but the results look natural and don’t necessarily draw attention to themselves.

Small Procedures Today to Avoid Big Procedures Tomorrow

There are also many non-surgical procedures that Millennials can get—Botox, dermal fillers, etc. These non invasive procedures produce even more subtle effects than the surgeries described above, but sometimes that’s good. In fact, Millennials are generally using these procedures to stave off the looks of aging. In other words, they’re not trying to turn back the clock, they’re trying to keep the clock where it is. And in terms of the techniques and procedures used to accomplish that, it means a whole different ballgame.

For that reasons, Millenials are flocking to procedures such as Botox injections or dermal filler injections. These two injection types will mitigate lines and wrinkles (though they work in completely different ways). Of course, with most injectables, the results are temporary, meaning if you like the results you will have to get regular maintenance injections. That said, the temporary results, for some, only increases the appeal—it’s like taking a test drive or wading into the deep end. So there’s certainly some appeal there.

The Appeal of Youth

At the end of the day, Millennials make up a pretty broad range of people, and many of them want to do the same thing other plastic surgery patients want to do: maintain a youthful looking appearance. We shouldn’t be surprised that they’re flocking to plastic surgery, especially since it seems likely to say that they’re finding success.