Is Janet Jackson's Nose Collapsing?

If you've seen her recent images in the press, you might be wondering: What's happening to Janet Jackson's nose? It's a fine question, because her nose does indeed look different. But what's causing that different look can be difficult to determine. That's led some to speculate that perhaps her nose is actually collapsing due to her previous plastic surgery. We're not sure that's the most likely explanation.

If you’ve seen recent pictures, you might be thinking: what’s happening to Janet Jackson’s nose? There appears to be some sagging or drooping, and one plastic surgeon is convinced that her nose is in the process of collapsing. Given that Jackson herself admits to having rhinoplasty performed a number of years ago, there is a bit of merit to the suggestion.

Now, the surgeon in question—Dr. Matthew Schulman—has not treated Jackson. In fact, he hasn’t ever treated Jackson. So his opinion is certainly informed, but it’s not necessarily a sound medical opinion.

Still, we’re speculating because the next line of thinking is pretty straightforward: could my nose job results collapse? There are certainly some unique things about Jackson’s history—so there’s not going to be a one-to-one comparison that’s going to be sound. Let’s take a look at what’s happening to Janet Jackson’s nose and see if it applies more broadly to rhinoplasty patients.

Can a Nose Really Collapse?

The short answer to this question is that yes, a nose can collapse. But it takes a very special set of circumstances. What Dr. Schulman posits (and, again, he’s not Jackson’s surgeon, so this is all conjecture) is that Jackson had so many nose surgeries that the underlying cartilage is starting to weaken.

The important thing to note here is that Jackson (at least in theory here) had multiple nose surgeries. She’s talked about her rhinoplasty in the past, though I’m not sure whether she ever confirmed how many procedures she had performed. Sometimes, when there are a multitude of nose surgeries—especially surgeries that remove volume—this can happen.

How Common is This Problem?

But it’s not terribly common. In part, that’s because most individuals do not go through with more than one rhinoplasty procedure (two procedures is not exactly rare—but it’s certainly not common place).

So, yes a nose can collapse in the way that Dr. Schulman is describing. Are we entirely certainly that’s what’s happening with Janet Jackson’s nose? Not as of yet—though it certainly could be. But the way her nose looks could also be the result of makeup or aging or various other things.

Advances in Rhinoplasty

It’s also worth noting that Janet Jackson’s rhinoplasty occurred quite a number of years ago. That’s important because plastic surgery sciences (you know, medicine) have advanced significantly since then. Rhinoplasty is now safer and more effective. And it’s about to get even better, too.

That’s because scientists are starting to use 3D printing to really give patients personalized results. It used to be that rhinoplasty implants would have to be specially made—and as a result, they couldn’t always be exactly tailored.

New 3D printing technology, however, means that surgeons are able to create specially made, unique implants for each patient. And even better, in the future these implants could be made out of the patient’s own cartilage! This is a significant improvement on techniques of the past.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Being able to create special, 3D-printed implants like this will reduce the number of revision rhinoplasty procedures. That’s because, in all likelihood, patients will be happier with their results the first time around. The happier the patient is, the less likely a revision procedure will be needed in the future.

But noses tend to be quite unpredictable, especially in the long term. How the nose heals will have a tremendous impact on the patient’s overall satisfaction. That’s why it’s incredibly important to follow your surgeon’s recovery instructions as closely as possible.

Getting the Right Nose Job for You

In an interview years ago, Jackson maintained that she was happy she got the rhinoplasty she did—though she wasn’t totally sure she’d feel that way in a couple of decades. Ultimately, only you can decide whether you should get a nose job.

Unless you receive multiple rhinoplasty procedures, however, you probably should not avoid a nose job because you’re worried about some kind of nasal collapse, like what might be happening to Janet Jackson.

The vast majority of rhinoplasty procedures end up with long lasting, excellent results. So if you’re thinking about a rhinoplasty, if you feel self conscious about your nose, then it could be that this procedure is the right fit for you.

But the best decision you can make is to discuss the possible outcomes with a local plastic or cosmetic surgeon. What’s happening to Janet Jackson’s nose probably shouldn’t concern you all that much. What’s happening to your nose is, after all, much more important.

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