What's the Best Age for Breast Augmentation?

It might be difficult to find out what the best age to get a breast augmentation is. Everyone’s body is different, which means that the best age for a boob job is going to be quite the variable.

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There are many patients—especially younger patients—that wonder what the best boob job age might be. Breast augmentation, often referred to colloquially as a “boob job,” is a procedure in which the size of the breasts is increased, usually for aesthetic purposes. It’s a permanent procedure that can change the volume and function of the breasts for decades.

Finding the Best Boob Job Age

So it’s no wonder that patients want to find the “optimal” time at which to get a boob job. Think about it this way: if you’re getting a breast augmentation, you want to experience the benefits of that procedure for as many years as possible. Likewise, you don’t want to miss out on your “prime years,” during which you could have been enjoying your results.

But there are drawbacks to getting a breast augmentation when you’re young. And these drawbacks should certainly factor into the decisions made about the best boob job age for you and your body.

Should You Get Breast Augmentation When You’re Younger?

It’s not uncommon to find 16 or 17 year old women asking surgeons about breast augmentation. Those kinds of questions are all over plastic surgery social media website RealSelf.com. In most cases, surgeons are quite cautious when advising or when treating a patient that is younger than 18 years old. However, that doesn’t stop the question from coming up.

Surgeons will require most patients to be at least 18 years old before treating. It’s most important that the breast tissue has had a chance to finish developing. Sometimes, this can take until the patient is in her early 20s. However, surgery at a younger age may sometimes be considered if the procedure is intended to correct for an asymmetry or other aesthetic issue.

There are some drawbacks to having surgery so young, however. Those drawbacks might include the following:

  • Depending on the incision type, breast augmentation procedures do have a small chance of interfering with the expression of milk when nursing after pregnancy
  • Pregnancy can significantly diminish the final results
  • Larger implants can lead to increased sag and droop as the patient gets older
  • Implants have a limited lifespan, so a second procedure to remove or replace the implant (usually in 10-15 years) will likely be necessary

Benefits of Breast Augmentation When You’re Younger

That said, there are some definite benefits to getting a breast augmentation when you’re younger. Or, put another way: there are benefits to not putting off your breast augmentation any longer than you want. Patients who undergo a breast augmentation at a younger age simply get to spend more time enjoying the results of their procedures.

The benefits of a “boob job” are pretty well established. Patients find it easier to find clothing, notice an increase in confidence, and a boost in self-esteem. In most cases, significant asymmetry can be corrected (though, no two breasts are ever perfectly symmetrical).

To put it succinctly, however, the benefit of getting a breast augmentation when you’re young is that you get to be young while you enjoy the results.

What’s the Benefit of Waiting for a Boob Job?

We’re not trying to make a case that everyone should go out and get a breast augmentation now. There’s not some kind of magical boob job age. In fact, there are many patients that are better served by waiting until later in life to get a breast augmentation.

For some patients, a breast augmentation is a solution to a certain sign of aging. After pregnancy, child birth, nursing, and motherhood, sometimes the breasts “deflate,” losing a significant amount of volume naturally. A breast augmentation (usually combined with a breast lift) can make the bust line appear much more youthful.

But there are other benefits to waiting for a boob job. For example, if a patient is no longer planning on having children (or entertaining the notion), there’s less to worry about in terms of diminishing results. Additionally, patients who are a bit older tend to have a more developed sense of self—meaning they select an implant size that they tend to be happier with longer.

Finding The Right Boob Job Age For You

Ultimately, there are benefits and drawbacks to either course you might select. There are tradeoffs to every decision. That’s why there isn’t one single “best” decision—instead, it’s more about what’s “best” for your particular situation. According to the website of Dr. Charles Polsen, a Houston-based breast augmentation specialist, there are a few things every patient should think about when deciding on that perfect breast augmentation age:

  • Family expansion: It’s difficult to predict exactly when one might decide to add to the size of one’s family, but this should be part of the discussions with your surgeon. Pregnancy can have a detrimental effect on your results; sometimes it’s better to wait until after you’re done having children before getting an augmentation, but sometimes it’s not. It really depends on how far into the future those little children might be.
  • Overall Motivations: Patients of breast augmentation have a wide variety of motivations for breast augmentation procedures. These motivations will probably be part of the discussion with your plastic surgeon, especially if you happen to be on the younger side. Surgeons want to make sure that patients have a healthy body image and are getting a breast augmentation for their own reasons. It sounds person, but it’s a vital step in making sure you’re going to be happy with the results.
  • Health: When it comes to any surgical procedure, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re in generally good health. This is especially true with aesthetic plastic surgery procedures. In order to get the best possible results, your surgeon will likely want to make sure you are avoiding cigarette smoke and maintaining a relatively stable weight. Fluctuations of your weight may negatively impact your final results over the long term.

A Permanent Change

A breast augmentation is making a permanent change to your body. As one would expect with something that is “permanent,” this change is going to last for many, many years. Yes, you may have your implant replaced, even changing the size. But the best results are those that last for years—that patients enjoy for years.

It is a good idea spend some time thinking about when you would like to get a breast augmentation in your life—what might be the best possible window. For some patients, that window is early. Most surgeons will consider breast augmentation for patients starting in their early twenties (with some exceptions).

But there are many patients in their 30s or 40s (or sometimes even later) that get a breast augmentation who are incredibly happy with the results (and also happy that they waited). Everyone comes from different circumstances, so you should not feel rushed into a decision.

It’s not about making sure you get one “in time,” it’s more about finding the right time to get one for you. When it comes to the perfect boob job age, you might find that the perfect age is simply the one at which you get a breast augmentation.

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