What will Botox in 2020 look like? That’s a good question–and, a kind of perplexing one, too. In part that’s because Botox is one of those injectables that tends to innovate quite often. That means the shape of Botox in 2020 might be somewhat unpredictable. Of course, that kind of innovation usually only means good things.

What Will Botox in 2020 Look Like?

It’s a brand new year, and that means that it’s time to start looking forward to what cosmetic surgery might bring us in 2020. It’s a good question to ask, seeing as how cosmetic surgeons have a well-earned reputation for innovating quickly and constantly. So Botox in 2020 may look entirely different than it looked throughout 2019.

Then again, it may not. It’s likely that Botox will continue to function quite well as an aesthetic therapy designed to minimize lines and wrinkles of a particular type. But there could also be more to Botox in 2020 than simply that.

You’ll Still Get Botox for Lines and Wrinkles

Botox and neuromodulators like it are designed for (mostly) one purpose: to eliminate unwanted lines and wrinkles. Those wrinkles are typically formed via muscle contractions–the kind that get stuck in place over the years. Crow’s feet, concentration lines, frown lines, they’re all wonderful targets for Botox injections.

In 2020, we’ll anticipate Botox becoming even more effective at this task. Surgeons are always looking for a way to make Botox even better at what it does best: making a patient appear more youthful, radiant, and energetic. By systematizing the dosages and injection sites–by focusing on technique as well as the injectable itself, surgeons can maximize the amount of good that Botox can do.

And, of course, we’ll probably see more people undergoing Botox to prevent wrinkles in the first place. There’s growing evidence that Botox injections, over time, can have a preventative effect on just the same sort of wrinkles that this injectable can later treat. As more and more Millennials learn about these preventative measures, it’s likely Botox will more often be used for such a purpose.

More Off Label Uses for Botox

When a use for Botox is considered to be “off label,” that typically means that it’s something the original treatment was not intended or approved for. In many cases, off-label uses have been proven relatively safe, though you will always want to check with your surgeon or your doctor about that.

In 202, we’re likely to see even more off label uses for Botox. We can say that with some confidence because Botox already has a number of off-label uses. For example, Botox is already an incredibly popular treatment for migraine headaches.

Migraines are particularly severe and potent headaches. They can last for several hours or several days, and scientists haven’t been able to pinpoint a precise reason why some get these headaches more frequently than others. In many cases, treatments for migraines are elusive. But Botox does seem to shorten the duration of some migraine headaches for some people. That’s certainly not a perfect solution. But for many, an imperfect solution is better than no solution at all.

Looking Forward to the Next Year

One thing’s for sure: we’re expecting some surprises. Botox is one of those injectables that seem to continually find a way to reinvent itself. So we won’t be shocked when a particularly shocking use of Botox swings around and into medspas everywhere. Of course, you’ll want to be sure you talk to your doctor about what use for Botox might be the best for your situation.

And that’s something you’ll definitely want to keep in mind: no matter what procedures might be “hot” at any given moment, you shouldn’t let popular opinions or fancy marketing sway you from the results you want or the best ways to achieve those results.

What will Botox in 2020 look like? Who can say. But we’re certainly excited to find out what comes next.

About the Author: Nick Engebretson has been working with cosmetic and plastic surgeons for over twenty years–and he’s been writing about plastic surgery for almost as long!

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