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You know that facial peels are popular… but what does a facial peel do, really? Understanding the ways in which this procedure operates can help you appreciate the variety of peel options out there. Whether a facial peel works for you or not will depend mostly on what kind of results you’re after.

What Exactly Does a Facial Peel Actually Do?

Facial peels are all the rage these days (especially HydraFacial, an exceptionally popular version of a facial peel). But it’s not always entirely clear what facial peels really… do. Especially if you aren’t all that familiar with peels as a concept already. That’s why today we’re talking more in depth about facial peels, what they do, and why you might want one.

Of course, facial peels aren’t for everyone, and you should always talk to your cosmetic surgeon about what your options might be (this article is not intended to serve as medical advice of any kind–we’re just here as an entertainment piece).

How Do Facial Peels Work?

Your face is not as smooth as you think it is. That’s because your skin is filled with tiny, microscopic little holes called pores. You’re probably already familiar with pores (to an extent): when they fill up with dirt and oil, they can become covered over by a scab of skin. That’s what causes pimples!

As you go through your daily life, all sorts of things can find their way into your pores. Mostly, it’s dirt, dust, and other debris. Sometimes this can cause irritation (your skin just ends up feeling kind of tight). You also have (and this is going to sound kind of morbid) all kinds of dead skin cells hanging around your face. That’s just the way your skin works!

A facial peel is designed to wash all of that away, unclogging pores and refreshing your skin in the process. In most cases, facial peels use friction in order to do this. They blast your face with fine particles and that forces all the debris out of your face. In other cases, they might use slightly acidic compounds to help clean out those pores.

What Makes HydraFacial Different

And that process doesn’t sound too pleasant, does it? For a long time, peels were effective but not necessarily something that felt good at the time. HydraFacial has changed all that. Rather than using something abrasive to clean out your pores, HydraFacial uses a very concentrated and powerful stream of fluid.

This leaves your skin feeling good during and immediately after the process. Rather than feeling dried out, your skin will feel moisturized. And you’ll look a little more radiant, too, which is always nice.

HydraFacial treatment fluid is a special mix of several compounds, each one designed to help your skin reach its maximum potential and health. That’s one of the reasons that HydraFacial is so popular. This treatment, essentially, leads the way when it comes to facial peels, achieving more in terms of comfort and results than most other peel treatments do.

Which Peel is Right For You?

Of course, determining which facial peel is right for you will be between you and your cosmetic surgeon or medispa professional. There are a number of variables, and the sheer volume of peels available means you’ll have options. That’s a good thing!

The popularity of facial peels shows no signs of slowing down. So if you’re looking to eliminate fine lines, age spots, or you just want your skin to feel a little lighter, these treatment options just might be the right move for you.

What a facial peel does will vary slightly from treatment to treatment. But in general, they clean out your pores, get rid of dead skin cells, and leave your face feeling refreshed.

About the author: Nick Engebretson has over twenty years of experience in the field of plastic surgery marketing. He’s always talking to surgeons about the next big and exciting new procedure.

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