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What can you do if you want slimmer thighs? There are plenty of men and women who face this question–the thighs can be a particularly challenging area to sculpt naturally. And not everyone wants slimmer thighs. To many, thicker thighs are quite attractive (it’s all in the eyes of the beholder). But if you do want slimmer thighs, what are your options?

I Want Slimmer Thighs, so What Can I Do?

When you think of body contouring, it probably conjures up images of the abdomen. The tummy, after all, is the most common site for liposuction and body contouring procedures. But it’s not the only place that patients are looking to slim down a bit. In fact, one of the most popular lipo sites is actually the thighs.

If you want slimmer thighs, there are plenty of ways you can get them. Many people will try lifestyle changes–dieting and exercising, for example. But the fat around your thighs can be particularly stubborn (this happens every once in a while, in varying places around the body). If your thighs are relentlessly holding onto some excess fat, you do have some options.

Solutions for Slimming Down Your Thighs

If your thighs are adamantly holding onto various areas of fat, you aren’t alone. Thighs that are thicker than you’d like can cause all sorts of problems. You might not feel comfortable wearing shorts. It may be challenging for you to find pants that fit properly. And you may simply wish to feel more confident in your appearance.

Luckily, there are some solutions:

  • Liposuction: By far, the most popular method of body contouring in the country is liposuction. And this is true for the thighs as well. Liposuction of the thighs involves the creation of a very small incision in a discreet area of the thigh. Once the incision is made, a small tube is run back and forth along the thigh. This tube, called a cannula, suctions out fat in a controlled way, effectively sculpting your thigh to appear the way you want it to.
  • Coolsculpting: One of the most versatile non-surgical body contouring options available, Coolsculpting is stunningly popular. This procedure uses the power of cold to eliminate and minimize fat cells. There’s almost no recovery needed, and you can usually return to your normal activities the same day as your procedure. It may take several weeks to see your results–and those results tend to be subtle. But it’s a great option for those who wish to avoid surgery.

There are other non-surgical body contouring options out there, such as Kybella, but they usually are not approved or suited to be used on the thighs.

Body Contouring is Not Weight Loss

It’s worth noting that body contouring is not the same thing as weight loss. Individuals who want to lose weight overall or from certain parts of their body are usually better off pursuing a different method. In general, body contouring procedures work best for those who are able to maintain a generally stable weight. Any significant gains or losses of weight could compromise your results.

That said, these procedures are wonderful for patients who are bothered by specific and stubborn areas of excess fat. If you’ve tried everything and can’t seem to shake those fat deposits around your thighs, then body contouring–including liposuction–just might be the right procedure for you.

In general, liposuction will require several weeks of recovery, even though it’s minimally invasive. Low level swelling may stick around for even longer than that. So it’s important to talk through all aspects of this procedure with your plastic surgeon. But the overall point remains: if you want slimmer thighs, for whatever reason, you have plenty of options available to you, including some surgical and non surgical possibilities. With the right procedure, you could have the slimmer, more proportional thighs you’ve always wanted and finally feel comfortable and confident with how you look.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for almost five years. He is constantly in touch with surgeons to ensure he has the latest and most up to date information possible.

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