What is Plastic Surgery Vlogging?

There are plenty of people who are being quite transparent about their plastic surgery procedure, so it’s not out of line to ask, do you want to put your nose job on YouTube? It’s a relevant question in today’s video blogging world!

should you put your nose job on YouTube?

Social media and plastic surgery go together like peanut butter and jelly, but do you want to put your nose job on YouTube? That question isn’t meant to be dismissive or to somehow diminish the relationship between social media and plastic surgery. In fact, I’ve noticed how plastic surgery and social media feed on each other in a (mostly) symbiotic way.

How Badly Do You Want to Put Your Nose Job on YouTube?

It’s not surprising, then, that certain plastic surgery procedures have begin to make their way onto YouTube. This isn’t an entirely new development. If you wanted to see what a liposuction looks like or the intricacies of a breast lift, surgeons have been uploading videos to YouTube for years.

What’s new is that many of the modern videos are taking the format of a video blog (also known as a vlog). That represents a significant shift in the ways that we think about plastic surgery, and it’s definitely worth exploring.

What is Vlogging and Why Do People Do it?

It might first be helpful to explore the notion of video blogging, or vlogging. Unfortunately, there’s simply no way I can talk about this without sound like an old fogey. That’s fine. I’ll be the old fogey. Basically, video blogging is keeping a journal of your life—only in video form.

It’s really not all that different from blogging which is itself not all that different from keeping a diary or a journal. The basic concept is the same. Vlogging has become more popular because, frankly, video cameras have become cheaper and more available. Everyone has a decent video camera if they have smart phones!

These video blogs tend to be quite intimate and confessional, just as you would expect in any other type of journaling. As such, when it comes to plastic surgery procedures—from Botox to tummy tuck—they also tend to be quite unflinching.

Is Vlogging About Plastic Surgery Good or Bad?

That video blogs tend to be rather unflinching is actually a pretty good thing. It’s great that future patients of plastic surgery can go into a tummy tuck or nose job with genuine knowledge of what it’s like for other people. In other words, video blogs on YouTube can be an excellent educational service.

But it’s important to remember that they are individual experiences. Just because someone had a good or bad experience doesn’t mean that you will have a similar experience. In fact, the person who will be able to most accurately anticipate your response to a given procedure will be your plastic surgeon.

Do You Want Your Nose Job on YouTube?

There was a time when getting plastic surgery was kept hush-hush. There are a couple of reasons for that:

  • Stigma: There was a significant stigma attached to plastic surgery. The thinking was that if you got an aesthetic procedure done, you must be shallow or vain. Luckily, that stigma has begun to recede considerably.
  • Mystique: The other reason was that many patients wanted to maintain a kind of mystique about their new looks. They wanted to maintain the illusion that their beauty was “natural.” This isn’t quite as common these days, mostly because our ideas of “beauty” have become much more complex.

Now, do you want your nose job procedure to be on YouTube? Well, that’s up to you. But you should know ahead of time that surgery isn’t always pretty. If you’re undergoing a surgical rhinoplasty, there will be bruising and significant swelling, likely for weeks after your procedure.

You may not look your best. Of course, for many people, that’s a feature (not a bug) of video blogging.

Even if you end up getting a procedure that’s non invasive, you might not look your best with needles going into your nose. Los Angeles non surgical nose job surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin recently performed a non surgical rhinoplasty for a patient—and they certainly weren’t shy about showing the needles.

Again, for many people this will be a feature, not a bug—but it’s certainly something to keep in mind.

Privacy is up to You

The nice thing is that your privacy is ultimately up to you and you alone. No one can (or should attempt to) dictate just how open you should be with your plastic surgery procedure. Whether you want to put your breast lift or tummy tuck or nose job on YouTube is, ultimately, up to you.

Whatever your plans, it’s a good idea to talk to your plastic surgeon about what you want to do. If you’re planning to put your nose job on YouTube, your surgeon should be the first (or maybe second) to know!

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