Summary: Winter and early Spring are the most popular times to get a breast augmentation. Summer vacations and picking out a new bikini prompt the desire to pull the trigger and get the procedure.

Mariah Carey recently announced she’s kicking off a residency in Las Vegas, and I swooned. She’s long been a “hero” of mine, ever since I covered her cover of Journey’s Open Arms in my fourth-grade talent show. So, when the Vegas tickets went on sale, I checked my calendar and bought tickets for my boyfriend and me for late summer. I’m sure he’s going to love it as much as I will.

Then, in typical “me” fashion, I immediately starting planning everything from outfits to hotel reservations, wondering why in the world all the clubs I want to visit don’t have their DJs scheduled yet. This is only 5 months away — come on, promoters! I got my hotel booked and headed to Pinterest to start planning my wardrobe and figure out what shopping I might need to do over the next few months.

That’s when, yet again, I was hit with the same thought I always have when staring at pictures of cute women in enviable ensembles: I wish I had breasts.

Let me be clear: I love my body and the person I’ve grown to be. I’m 27, I’m in great shape and enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle, and I’ve got a good job. I love everything about who I am right now, other than this one thing. Or two things.

I’m above average height, and I have a terrible time finding tops that fit. I often have to get size L blouses and jackets to fit my shoulders and arm length, but then they just look baggy and silly at my bust. My older sister and mom are also both tall, but they aren’t flat. They have lovely, feminine, hourglass figures.

I was just starting to talk myself out of a sparkly top that would have been perfect for Mariah but not so perfect for hiding chicken cutlets when my thoughts wandered to breast implants, as they have so many times before. I’ve been interested in breast augmentation for years, ever since I realized I was done with puberty but got shortchanged when it came to developing certain assets.

In years past, though, it was never a realistic prospect for me. Since college, I’ve lived in a few different cities and had a few jobs. I never had a lot of money. Now, I’m hardly rich, but I’ve been in the same position for a couple of years, and my finances are good. I live with my boyfriend, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. This is the most stable my adult life has ever been, so breast augmentation actually seemed like a real option for me at last.

My research then shifted from Vegas fashion blogs to plastic surgery forums. The first question I had was cost. When I decided I definitely had room in my budget, my second question was whether I could get results in time for my trip. According to a blog post from Dr. Robert Herbstman, a breast augmentation surgeon in New Jersey, this time of year is really popular for the surgery because of patients planning for summer. Perfect! I spent a few more days doing research and talking to my boyfriend and mom about my thoughts, and then I booked consultations with two board-certified plastic surgeons near me.

It may sound a little silly to think that a Las Vegas trip prompted me to take this step, but it’s about a lot more than looking good on vacation to me. I feel more excited about this opportunity than I have about anything in a long time. The thought that I can change something in my life that’s always bothered me feels so empowering. I cannot wait to take the next steps and love my body even more.

And I’m buying that sparkly top.