Summary: It seems in the summer time, there’s no shortage of people walking around with their belly exposed—their trim, slender belly. And if you’ve been aching for that kind of belly and no amount of diet and exercise will eliminate the excess tissue on around your abdomen, it might be time to start thinking about abdominoplasty, otherwise known as a tummy tuck. Many patients use tummy tuck for flat belly results and the joy that comes with it—being able to wear the clothes you want anytime you want. It can be a liberating experience.

tummy tuck for flat belly

It’s Summer Time: What Does Getting “Beach Ready” Mean?

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for the bare midriff. At least, that’s what has seemed to be “stylish” the past few years (I put stylish in quotes because I’m not always entirely sure what stylish really is, as fashion changes much more quickly than I can keep up with). But unless you’re young and fit, it’s hard to enjoy that particular fashion trend, especially with jeans getting lower and shirts getting higher. It’s not just fitness that can, well, stretch out your belly area. Sometimes it’s not fat that’s keeping you from the wardrobe you want, it’s excess skin, and many different things can cause that excess skin.

First and foremost our bodies don’t stay young forever, and we can certainly put them through the paces while we’re alive. Losing weight can be a great way to eliminate fat (obviously), but sometimes that can leave you with a great deal of excess skin—and make you as self-conscious about your stomach as ever. Sometimes your belly can develop excess skin because it stretches out and shrinks substantially several times over a few years—with pregnancy. Indeed, pregnancy is one of the number one reasons women develop excess tissue around the belly area.

Using a Tummy Tuck For Flat Belly Looks

Unfortunately, this excess tissue is not always affected by diet and exercise. In fact, often, diet and exercise are useless against this particular type of excess tissue—as it’s not fat you’re trying to combat, it’s skin. This wasn’t a problem in your youth because skin was much more pliable back then. As you age, your skin loses elasticity, which means that when it gets stretched out—for whatever reason—it tends to stay in that new configuration. Sometimes, that can drive us nuts—because it makes us look older than we feel. You feel young. You want to strut your stuff.

The solution, then, is a procedure called abdominoplasty—more commonly known as a Tummy Tuck. During a tummy tuck procedure, excess tissue is surgically removed from the belly area. The remaining tissue is then pulled taut along the abdominal muscles. This effectively eliminates the problem of excess tissue. Usually, the scar for this procedure is located below the bikini line, so you’ll be able to bare that midriff quite comfortably. But before surgeons close up, there are a couple of other interesting things they’re able to do. First, during most tummy tuck procedures, surgeons are forced to give you a new belly button.

Quirks and Benefits of Tummy Tucks

This new belly button will look and feel as natural as your old one, but because of the way the skin moves in this procedure, it’s necessary to create a new one. In all honesty, most patients probably notice this—but likely they’re the only ones. Most people will likely only notice how suddenly flat your belly area is. The second thing that most plastic surgeons will do is tighten up your abdominal muscle. As you age—especially with pregnancy—some of the abdominal muscles can become somewhat unhinged and out of position. Abdominoplasty corrects this.

The benefits of a tummy tuck procedure are seen first, of course, in the belly area itself. Your belly will be nice and flat. You may have this procedure coupled with a little bit of liposuction to make sure that your midriff is just the way you want it. This means that you’ll be able to wear the clothes you want and not feel one bit self-conscious about that part of your body. For both men and women, the importance of this feeling is difficult to overstate. For many patients, it can feel like freedom.

Feeling Comfortable With Your Body

And that, of course, is the other benefit of a tummy tuck procedure—confidence and self-esteem. Now, it’s true that there are other ways to build both of these things, and you should feel good about yourself no matter what you look like. We’re all beautiful. But it can be difficult to escape that voice in the back of your head, the voice that makes you feel self-conscious about yourself in certain outfits. Sometimes, silencing that voice—feeling great about you’re wearing—takes a little bit of plastic surgery, and there’s no shame in that either.

In fact, most patients who have undergone tummy tuck procedure find themselves very satisfied with the results. But according to the website of the Clear Lake, TX, Tummy Tuck experts at South Shore Plastic Surgery, this procedure includes a serious recovery period—and it’s best to respect that recovery period so you don’t jeopardize your results. After all, who doesn’t want to have that nice, flat belly area, and show off your midriff?