Summary: There comes a time when you feel like you should start considering plastic or cosmetic surgery. It’s not the first wrinkle, probably, but at some point, those wrinkles get too deep and it’s time to go in. Or maybe you just don’t like the shape of your nose and it’s finally time to fix it. Whatever the reason for the final motivation to go in for surgery, you should probably be happy you aren’t a celebrity, where every cosmetic decision you make is scrutinized by a public hungry for gossip—whether it’s true or not.

cosmetic surgery for subtle changes

Celebrities in the News

Celebrities can be in the news pretty often, and they’re almost always being asked to talk about personal things. If you’ve been reading these pages for very long, you know that we have some sympathy for celebrities—they’re constantly under the microscope and constantly judged on the way that they look. Sure, there are some perks—mainly fame and fortune (though this is sometimes fleeting). But that doesn’t mean that ever facet of a celebrity’s existence is easy or even comfortable. That’s why we should count ourselves somewhat lucky that they still give out as much information to us as they do.

One of those celebrities who is generally quite candid is Iggy Azalea. It’s interesting, then, that there have been so many rumors about Azalea in the past few weeks, claiming that she has undergone rhinoplasty surgery or some other facial plastic surgery procedures. Azalea has denied these rumors, though that hasn’t stopped various plastic surgeons from chiming in about what they think—and, no surprise, they often think that she’s undergone extensive (though tastefully performed) plastic surgery. There is definitely an air of some self-serving analysis happening. And that’s okay—because it’s also possible that these plastic surgeons are correct, and that Azalea has undergone some plastic surgery.

Celebrities and Privacy

That said, I’m not sure what the value is in pointing that out the general public. Most plastic surgery patients value the confidentiality of their plastic surgeons, so it’s interesting that some of those same plastic surgeons will then go out and basically point the finger at someone else who is “suspected” of having plastic surgery. But I’ve probably already talked about that in quite enough depth. The point is that Azalea has denied having any more plastic surgery performed beyond the breast augmentation she’s already admitted to getting. Azalea strikes me as an incredibly bright, thoughtful individual, so I’m inclined to take her word for it.

But this might be an interesting time to talk about some of the non-surgical options that are out there. Look, Azalea may or may not have had plastic surgery, but she may have also had a non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed. And that’s something that’s worth talking about because it’s a result you can get for yourself. Non-surgical procedures basically offer a way to get great results without all the pain (and time) involved in the recovery process. With non-surgical procedures, you’re basically ready to go right away. And you can get some remarkable results with them.

Cosmetic Surgery for Subtle Changes and Effective Look

Of course, the most famous non-surgical procedure is the injection called Botox. Getting Botox in Los Angeles is not a difficult task—this injection is popular because it works so well to mitigate wrinkles. It does this by, essentially, paralyzing muscle groups that cause wrinkles (the skin is attached to the muscle, which contracts, causing that attached skin to become a wrinkle). When the muscle relaxes, the wrinkle is diminished, leaving your face looking more youthful—and your skin looking rejuvenated. In other words, in order to get a younger looking face, you don’t necessarily need to go under the knife (in fact, sometimes it’s quite preferable not to).

The same is actually true of rhinoplasty as well. Now, we’re used to thinking about rhinoplasty as a surgical procedure—the nose job. Rhinoplasty, as a surgical procedure, requires much in the way of recovery. You have to change your sleeping habits, you have to endure pain, you have to be careful about what you do. And that can go on for weeks. However, with non-surgical rhinoplasty, you get a few injections and you can start enjoying your new nose.

Cosmetic Surgery Can be Great for a Wide Variety of Patients

This is accomplished by way of dermal fillers. The same injectables used to volumize your lips or cheeks are also used to create volume in your nose. By controlling the shape and size of this volume, cosmetic surgeons can, essentially, change the shape of your nose. There’s basically no recovery period, and you can resume normal activities right away. There’s a lot to like about the non-surgical nose job.

So while Iggy Azalea may not have actually undergone any of these procedures, it’s easy to see how she possibly could have. Of course, if you decide to get a Botox injection or a non-surgical nose job, that’s between you and your cosmetic surgeon, as it should be. Hopefully, no one will be going on television to tell the world about your cosmetic surgery preferences (that is, unless you want them to). After all, unless you’re a celebrity, your cosmetic surgery gets to be private.