Summary: Celebrities are often in the news for getting plastic surgery, and sometimes it’s obvious. But sometimes there’s a question, and we feel like those plastic surgery questions are the best results you can get. After all, people are more interested in the fact that they simply look good. Many people these days use cosmetic surgery to look good without looking like they’ve had plastic surgery. The end results, therefore, are more about how great the person look rather than how great their surgeon is. And that’s really the best outcome for a cosmetic surgeon.

plastic surgery to look good

Always the Rumors of Plastic Surgery

I’ve always enjoyed the music of Christina Aguilera. And I’ve always thought of her as a pop star and a musician. But, as with any celebrity, when Aguilera changes the way she looks, she immediately has to cope with all kinds of rumors that she’s getting plastic surgery—even minor plastic surgery. Of course, the plastic surgeon that got trotted out to comment on Aguilera’s new look basically said that it’s probably a combination of make-up and a little bit of weight gain (the healthy kind). In other words, it’s not likely that she’s had plastic surgery. That said, I suppose it’s possible she had some kind of nonsurgical work done.

That allows us to talk about one of our favorite things: non surgical procedures. These are procedures that can get you great results, making you look more radiant and thoughtful, without requiring you to go under the knife. The only downside (and it’s not necessarily a downside) is that most often the results are temporary. You may have to go in every once in a while to get a new injection or a maintenance treatment, but if you don’t like the results you can simply let them fade over time.

Using Cosmetic Surgery to Look Good with No Recovery

Now, if Aguilera did indeed have some kind of filler treatment performed, she certainly did it right. Fillers are usually designed to produce subtle effects. They tend to follow the less-is-more philosophy of cosmetic surgery. They can make you look much more youthful by targeting a few powerful wrinkles rather than trying to make your entire face look younger. For the most part it’s an incredibly effective strategy, and it only goes south when patients are too eager for too much and surgeons are too timid to say no. That’s when you’ll get the numb-looking botox face.

Not Just About Botox

So what are the most popular injectables? It depends what you want to do. If you’re looking for Botox in Clear Lake TX or Los Angeles, as so many people are, it wouldn’t be surprising if you have some wrinkles around the eyes. After all, usually these wrinkles are caused by your muscles contracted, catching the skin on top in a kind of fold. By forcing the muscles to relax (something they forget how to do over time), you make the wrinkle disappear. Botox doesn’t work for all wrinkles, of course. But for those specific types of muscle-caused wrinkles, Botox can have an enormously powerful effect for having made such small changes.

If, however, your wrinkles are caused by more old-age wrinkles, it’s likely that your skin is, simply, succumbing to gravity. Gravity pulls your skin down, stretches it out. And as we age, our skin loses the ability to bounce back. The solution, then, is simply to fill out that now extra volume. This puts your skin to volume ratio back to where it was in your youth. Your skin looks less stretched out, less wrinkled, less old. And you, of course, look much more youthful. The injections won’t make a profound effect on your skin, but they will make just enough of an impact so that you look more energized and more youthful. And that’s what it’s all about.

Injectables Get the Job Done

Sometimes, injectables won’t get the job done. Sometimes the signs of aging are more along the lines of skin pigmentation or sun spots. In those cases, there are non surgical laser treatments that can rejuvenate your skin. In most cases, laser systems will remove the very top layer of skin, revealing the healthier, more youthful looking skin beneath. This also encourages the body’s own healing factors to amp things up—helping you look more youthful. There will undoubtedly be some redness, but hat usually subsides in a couple of days. Lasers, then, are a great way to get youthful looking skin without having to resort to surgery.

After all, surgery can be a long, painful process. If you can get great results without needing to go through that process, why wouldn’t you? That surely explains why non surgical cosmetic surgery is increasing in popularity. So if you’re wondering how you can look a little more energized, a little more youthful, but you have no interest in surgery, check out some of these non surgical procedures. If, indeed, that’s what Christina Aguilera did, she’s setting a good example. After all, if she weren’t a celebrity, people would just be talking about how great she looks—they wouldn’t even think about plastic surgery. And with these procedures, people will just talk about how great you look. That’s the best compliment to a cosmetic surgeon.