Summary: There is a lot of pressure on women to look a certain way—and certainly there’s a lot of pressure on women not to look a certain way. Sweating, for example, seems to be one of those things that is frowned upon when women do it (and yet, women are expected to stay fit and exercise). This can lead to some difficult situations—you spend a lot of money on a new hairstyle, but one that will be ruined the next time you sweat. Sometimes, the solution can be found in cosmetic surgery—particularly in Botox.

Botox to Stop Sweating

People spend a lot of money on the way they look. This is true whether we’re talking about cosmetic surgery (the face) or more traditional activity, such as a manicure or hair styling. These activities tend to be expensive, especially if you’re interested in high-end finished and a little bit of self-pampering. It’s no surprise that the price tag can get quite steep quite quickly. And yet, there are some contradictions inherent in the system. You might spend $200 on a great haircut and styling. But you’ve still got to get on the treadmill the next day and get your workout in, meaning that your heavy sweating is going to endanger your salon-quality hair.

It’s not as though this is a new problem. Women, especially, have dealt with this problem for quite some time, and while it might seem trivial, it’s really a question of investment. These days, professional women are expected to maintain a high level of aesthetics: perfect hair, perfect nails, and so on. This isn’t—by any means—a fair expectations. Their male co-workers, for example, aren’t held to such a standard (by a long shot). And yet, women are expected to look put together—and they certainly aren’t expected to show the aftermath of exercise (you know, sweat).

A Double Standard, Or, At Least a Double Bind

It seems to be a strong bind—one that’s difficult to break. As a solution, some women are turning to Botox. You read that right: Botox. It turns out that injections of Botox, particularly around the forehead, have a way of mitigating the typical response to sweat. That is, when you get Botox, you sweat less. This is in addition to many other benefits (fewer migraines, less noticeable wrinkles and so on). This is turning out to be a popular solution for many women. But it might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

After all, your body sweats for a reason. Sweat is simply a mechanism that your body uses to cool down. It’s completely natural, completely to be expected, and there’s no evidence that men “naturally” sweat more than women or anything of the kind. It’s only our cultural and social perceptions and norms that seem to indicate that women shouldn’t sweat as much. When you interfere with the cooling mechanism, you (obviously) make it more difficult for the body to cool itself down, and you make the body more prone to overheating. This can put stress on the heart and the cardiovascular system, even raise your blood pressure.

Protect Assets and Investments

Yet, the impulse to protect your assets is very understandable. Salon-styled hair can run a couple hundred dollars on the low end. When you think about how one sweaty workout can destroy an entire look, it makes sense to invest a couple hundred dollars in Botox treatments to keep that hair. And, to be fair, if Botox interfered with your body’s ability to cool itself too much, there would be many more restrictions placed on who can receive Botox. Botox is, after all, incredibly safe. And you probably won’t do your body much harm by trying to avoid sweating for a while.

Just don’t turn it into a regular thing. Or, if you do, keep in consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. After all, your cosmetic surgeon will be able to keep an eye on your condition, on any complications that might arise and so on. In other words, your cosmetic surgeon will be able to tell you when it’s necessary to let your body sweat again. Whether you’re looking for Botox in Los Angeles or New York, it’s vital that you get any procedure through a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgery to the Rescue

And that’s true whether you’re looking at Botox for migraine control or wrinkle control. One of the remarkable things about Botox is how quickly it is being used for other purposes. Botox has even been used to treat depression in some patients. This substance is responsible for a surge of innovation in cosmetic surgery, and, as such, cosmetic surgeons are finding all kinds of new uses for it. So are the patients. That somewhat explains the recent trend of using Botox to keep from sweating. It makes sense, to a certain degree, and it’s hard to fault anyone for doing it.

But my plea is this: be careful and listen to your body. Sweating is natural and your body does it for a reason (then again, so is aging—and we fight that tooth and nail, with good reason). Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about Botox today.