Summary: If you are a transgendered woman undergoing hormone therapy but the size of your breasts is still not what you desire, breast augmentation may help you achieve the perfect feminine shape.


Your Story Begins Here

Breast augmentation can be a life changing experience for all women, especially those who identify as transgendered. If you are transitioning from a body that you don’t identify with to one that makes you proud and happy, breast augmentation may be the key to give you the shape you are working towards. Hormone therapy often causes breast tissue grow, but if you desire a bigger, fuller size bust, chances are implants are the answer. To learn more about your options we suggest consulting with expert staff at Elite Plastic  Surgery in Miami.

Understanding Your Procedure

Gender transition changes your body dramatically. Some of these changes immediately feel incredible, and some may feel a little confusing at first. You deserve for your breast augmentation procedure to be one of the easiest, more calming aspects of your transition and result in everything you expect. For this to be the case, however, you need to be educated. Knowledge is power, and understanding your augmentation procedure will help make sure you are confident in your decision. The following is likely how your surgery will proceed:

  • Transgender breast augmentation surgery is often times performed in about one or two hours and typically requires general anesthesia.
  • Your surgeon will then insert either a saline or silicone implant. (Open discussion with your doctor about the best type of implant, as well as the best placement, will be instrumental in making sure your final look is the one you desire.)
  • During surgery, your current breast tissue and skin are lifted, and the implant is put into position. All incisions are closed with sutures, and your recovery process will begin.

After Your Augmentation

Undergoing a breast augmentation procedure can both challenging and rewarding. You will likely experience the following during your recovery:

  • You should expect to feel tired and sore for a few days. This is very common and your surgeon will monitor you to make sure everything is healing typically. Your surgeon will also take precautions in order to minimize scarring, but it is important to remember that some scarring is a natural part of surgery. Firm, pink scars should begin to fade within a few months.
  • Your doctor will prescribe medications to help you with the pain. If you are experiencing unbearable pain (which is unlikely) inform your doctor immediately.
  • Most patients can return to work within one week. Exercise or other strenuous activities may begin again within two weeks.

Your New Body Awaits

Choosing the right board certified surgeon is also an important factor in having a successful surgery. Specialist who are trained in transgender cosmetic surgery understand your body the best and can provide you with a discrete and sensitive experience. Making sure that you have chosen the best doctor for the job is critical, and even though you are excited about making changes to your body, this is a decision that should be made thoroughly and not be rushed. If you are interested in learning more about making the change from male to female, contact a specialist today.

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