Summary: Neotensil is a new product on the market designed to rejuvenate your eyelid area. It works great, but there’s a lot to know before you jump right in!

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Knowing Your Neotensil

Neotensil Under-Eye Reshaping is an at-home product that is guaranteed to rejuvenate your eyelids and give you a more youthful, glowing appearance. The concept is great: you don’t have to visit a cosmetic surgeon in order to receive your treatments! Everything can be done at home, on your own schedule. If you are intrigued, we definitely don’t blame you.

Neotensil, Step by Step

Michigan Neotensil expert Dr. Berkowitz urges his patients to fully understand the revolutionary product before committing to it. There are certain aspects of Neotensil that need to be executed perfectly in order to be successful and it can be more work than people anticipate. The entire process is only three easy steps, but to achieve optimal results, care must be given to the following:

  • STEP ONE: Neotensil requires the precise application of two layers of what is known as “Reshaping Base.” Getting this amount perfect will be critical to your success with Neotensil.
  • STEP TWO: After applying a smooth, uniform layer of the Reshaping Base to the skin’s s surface, you will then glide the “Activating Layer” on top of it to activate the formation of Neotensil. (Note: This occurs over the course of 1 hour.)
  • STEP THREE: Your results should be seen immediately. Your lifted, less baggy eyelids will appear when all Neotensil products are removed.

What to Avoid During Neotensil

Precise application is critical, which means that there is a short list of things to avoid while using the treatment. Those who choose the Neotensil system should consider the following:

  • You cannot wear makeup during the Neotensil application process.
  • Moisturizer should not be used around the eyelid area when using Neotensil (but it is okay for use on other areas of the face)
  • You MUST avoid scratching or itching your under eye area while Neotensil is in place. Infection can occur if you allow the area to become irritated.

Dr. Berkowitz believes in Neotensil and recommends it as a fantastic way for patients to get fast results. Keep in mind, however: Neotensil needs to be applied frequently so the product is not considered a “permanent” solution for under-eye wrinkles.

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