Summary: Whether you’re looking to add fullness, alleviate sagging or reduce the size of your breasts, understanding your breast enhancement options can help you can attain the breast appearance you’re looking for. Breast enhancement can mean something different to each woman and a skilled plastic surgeon can help you decide which option or combination is right for you.

There are three common ways that women choose to enhance their breasts.


Breast Augmentation

Each year, hundreds of thousands of women opt to have breast augmentation, making it the top cosmetic surgery procedure in 2014, according to a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Breast augmentation can help women achieve fuller, rounder breasts that bring balance to their figures while improving breast shape and symmetry. Women commonly experience a boost in their self-image and confidence after getting breast implants.

Breast augmentation can be an excellent option for women whose breasts never developed as fully as they’d like or who wish to regain the breast volume they had in younger years. Breast enlargement may also be a good option for women with asymmetrical breasts. A plastic surgeon can place different-sized implants in each breast to create a more even look.

There are several options when picking the right implant for you. Talk with your plastic surgeon about the benefits of silicone and saline implants, the different implant profiles and your placement options.

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is an increasingly common breast enhancement option that can restore a perkier profile. A breast lift is best for women who have seen a drop in the position of their breasts or a change in breast shape as a result of pregnancy, weight fluctuations, aging or heredity. During the procedure, a plastic surgeon removes excess skin and tightens the surrounding tissue to lift and firm the breasts, restore them to a more youthful position. The result is a rejuvenated figure that flatters your proportions.

A breast lift won’t change the size of your breasts. For this reason, many women choose to combine a breast lift with breast augmentation to improve breast position while also restoring volume.

Breast Reduction

Not all women want larger breasts. Many women find that breast reduction surgery, which involves removing fat, glandular tissue and skin to create smaller breasts, is the best option for them. Overly large breasts can impact a woman’s quality of life by limiting her activities, causing pain in the back, neck or shoulders and irritating the skin beneath the crease of her breast. Large breasts may also cause feelings of self-consciousness, attract unwanted attention and make shopping for fitted clothing difficult.

Almost any woman who wishes to have smaller and lighter breasts can be a good candidate for a breast reduction. This procedure can help women attain a more balanced figure, feel more comfortable during physical activities and alleviate discomfort caused by the weight of large breasts. A breast reduction is always combined with elements of a breast lift for the most natural looking results.

What’s Right for You

As you consider the best option for you, keep in mind that each breast enhancement procedure can be customized to fit your needs. Consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon about your goals and concerns is the best way to settle on the right approach to breast enhancement. With the help of a skilled breast surgeon, you can achieve a figure that helps you feel confident and beautiful.