Summary: Botox has been a staple in cosmetic surgery for so long that it’s sometimes difficult to remember that it’s a relatively novel introduction to the practice. Sure, 1989 isn’t yesterday, but it’s not that long ago either. As cosmetic surgery isn’t the type of industry to pass up opportunities to innovate, it shouldn’t be a surprise that several novel techniques for the use of Botox have emerged over the years, targeting everything from that tired look of the eyes to the permanent frown caused by years of stress. Whatever the target, Botox will leave you feeling and looking more youthful.

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Everyone Has Injectables

For such a relatively new aspect of the cosmetic surgery field, it’s difficult not to marvel at just how ubiquitous injectables have become. It all started in 1989, when Dr. Richard Clark published research in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery that suggested botulinum toxin could be used to safely reduce wrinkles in the face (of course, specific wrinkles were targeted in subsequent publications by other researchers). This was, in many ways, the dawn of the injectable. Now, wrinkle treatments are a significant portion of services provided by nearly every aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery clinic around the United States, if not around the world.

Nonsurgical Results

Never an industry to rest on its laurels, cosmetic surgeons have been constantly looking for new ways to innovate new techniques to get even better results. Not only has this led to a boom in the nonsurgical cosmetic field—giving us miraculous-sounding procedures such as the nonsurgical nosejob—but it’s also led to some pretty clever ways to keep yourself looking younger in subtle ways that will have your friends asking if you’re getting more sleep or exercising more, and not wondering how much work you’ve had done.

New Approaches, Great Results

So let’s run down the list of some of these novel methods of utilizing injectables, Botox in particular.

Botox for bigger eyes: So, this one isn’t technically FDA approved for just this purpose, but that doesn’t mean you can’t seek out someone who’s qualified to do this. Basically, botox is a kind of paralytic. It paralyzes certain muscle groups in your face—muscles that cause wrinkles through their contraction. This procedure places Botox in strategic places around the eye in order to give the eye a more open, wider look. We’re not talking about giving you giant eyes for the next six months, just enough to make you look a little more awake and a little more alert—and a little more youthful. As we age, the skin around the eye begins to sag, which can—obviously—give you an older, more worn out look. By making your eyes appear a bit more open, you’re making yourself look younger.

Easing the jaw line: There are a lot of things that can make your jawline appear a bit more robust than you may like. Chewing, like anything else, is an activity that eventually builds up muscle. So, if you’re constantly chewing gum, you’re constantly building muscle, and this can lead your face to look a little more rotund than you might like. Again, we turn to our friend Botox for a quick fix. Turns out a few injections of Botox around the jawline will relax some of that muscle (remember, Botox is a paralytic) and give your face a more graceful profile. If performed properly, the result is a that feminine soft V-shape that will leave you looking and feeling a bit more youthful.

Frown elimination: So, one of the main worries with Botox is that you’ll lose the ability to fully emote. Most of the time, this only happens when Botox is applied inappropriately or in far too generous quantities. But, there’s no doubt that many people would like to eliminate the evidence of past emotions, namely in the frown lines that become deeply inset into a kind of permanent frown. This can make you look aggravated and unhappy even when you’re having a great day. Carefully placed Botox can, essentially, turn your frown upside down (not to simplify it too much). By getting rid of those deep wrinkles, cosmetic surgeons can get rid of your frown. This kind of thing could come in handy for LA Botox patients who are, literally, paid to smile. And, of course, it’s nice for everyone else too.

Innovation Sparks Creation – And Results

There are, no doubt, many other novel approaches being taken with injectables the world over. As we said, that’s how the nonsurgical nosejob came to be (and that uses dermal fillers such as Artefill and Juvederm to get its job done) and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures are continuing to innovate and proliferate. The notion of temporary procedures, quick and painless recovery, and flattering results make this aspect of cosmetic surgery quite appealing to a new, large group of potential patients.

It also says something about the potency of Botox and its utility as wrinkle treatment and cosmetic procedure. It’s only been around for a couple of decades, but if its continued versatility and popularity are any indication, Botox will be with us for more decades to come. It’s already a staple for most cosmetic surgeons, so if you’re curious about it, talk to someone today.