Summary: What are the two best benefits of a breast augmentation? Answering that question could be a little tough, but mostly because there are so many benefits to this procedure. On the one hand, it really matters what’s most important to you (and how breast augmentation will achieve that). But there are some commonly noted benefits from patients of this procedure.

best benefits of a breast augmentation

We all know how big breast augmentation is (no pun intended). It’s one of the most popular surgical procedures in the world year after year. The benefits of a breast augmentation might seem, at first, self explanatory: bigger breasts. But I would suggest that such a shallow examination of the benefits of this procedure does it a disservice.

Because there are actually quite a few benefits for patients of breast augmentation procedures. For our purposes, we’ll be talking about the two best benefits of a breast augmentation. To be sure, everyone is going to benefit in different ways. As with many plastic surgery procedures, breast augmentation is an incredibly individualized process.

That means every unique patient is going to have unique results and benefits. That’s good. But let’s take a look what are commonly described as the two best benefits of a breast augmentation procedure.

Benefit #1: Increased Confidence

By far the most widely circulated benefit for a breast augmentation procedure is the boost to self esteem it tends to generate for patients. It’s worth noting that this self-esteem boost is most pronounced in patients who have already wanted a breast augmentation procedure performed.

That is, we typically don’t like to see anyone pressured or otherwise influenced into getting a procedure. Each and every plastic surgery procedure should be performed because that’s what the patient really wants, and breast augmentation is no exception.

But that’s why increased confidence is such a great benefit. Patients finally feel as though they have a body they can feel comfortable—the body they were always meant to have. As such, many patients will talk about the ways in which a breast augmentation have given them new confidence.

And that new confidence can lead to all kinds of new possibilities—new adventures, new growth, new success.

Benefit #2: Proportions That Agree

Many patients will seek out a breast augmentation because their chest is not really in proportion with the rest of their body. This could mean that they have a relatively small bust size in comparison to their waist or hips, for example. And while that might seem superficial at first, there are some real consequences.

Having a body that doesn’t conform to more common proportions can make finding clothing quite difficult. And it can lead to feelings of inadequacy; many patients simply don’t feel comfortable in their own bodies. When patients use a breast augmentation procedure to bring their body into alignment—to ensure that their bust is in proportion to the waist and hips—many of these issues are suddenly mitigated.

Patients, then, are able to find clothing more easily, to wear what they want to wear with confidence. Many patients will comment that they are finally able to stop stuffing their bras with tissues in order to get a more cohesive look.

Many More Benefits

While these are the two big benefits of breast augmentation, the list certainly doesn’t stop there. Many patients will talk about how they are able to get a more even, more symmetrical bust because of a breast augmentation. Other patients will comment on how their social life goes through a noticeable uptick after their procedure.

And, of course, all patients will notice that they have larger breasts. But for most of those patients, those larger breasts are a means to an end. That end generally consists of something as simple as feeling more comfortable in their own skin—as feeling more like themselves.

Talk to Your Surgeon Before Making Big Decisions

As with any plastic surgery procedure, it’s important to discuss these decisions with your surgeon. According to the website of the Twin Cities breast augmentation experts at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, it’s important to assess whether breast augmentation is a good fit for you—or whether you may need fewer or additional procedures. For example, many patients who want a breast augmentation will also need a breast lift to achieve ideal results.

Those conversations all start during your initial and confidential consultation. A consultation is essentially a meeting in which you will discuss your desired final results with a surgeon and figure out the best way to achieve those results. Often, that will be a breast augmentation (if you want larger breasts), but it always starts with a conversation.

To get that conversation started today, contact your local plastic surgeon!