Busting Body Contouring Myths

Whether we like it or not, busting tummy tuck myths in 2017 is something we’ve got to do. This misinformation keeps cropping up, over and over, in large part because plastic surgery is complex—and that’s certainly true of a tummy tuck as well.

Knowing more about what really happens in a tummy tuck—and what they’re used for—can help you make more informed decisions about what procedure is right for you.

Chasing Down Tummy Tuck Myths in 2017

Those who are interested and active in the plastic surgery community have had plenty of opportunities to bust some myths with us in the past. This time, we’re busting tummy tuck myths in 2017 for all you rookies who are just joining us. Of course, everyone should stick around, because every new year brings with it new myths to bust.

That’s partly because plastic surgery isn’t entirely well understood by the general population. That makes sense, as even a procedure such as tummy tuck tends to be pretty complicated. There are a lot of moving pieces and results aren’t quite as intuitive as you might think.

But that’s why we’re here! We’ve come to the right place to get some tummy tuck facts and get away from the tummy tuck myths.

Busting Tummy Tuck Myths

We have to remember that busting these myths takes some research and takes some facts. Let’s take a look at the biggest tummy tuck myths in 2017.

Myth #1: You Can Exercise Your Way to the Same Results

We tend to look at exercise as a kind of panacea in this country, a cure-all. Exercise, we like to think, can solve all of your problems, especially when coupled with a good diet. Now, diet and exercise are both exceptionally important to, you know, your health, but they can’t help you deal with the one thing that tummy tuck treats: excess skin.

If you want to get rid of excess fat, diet and exercise might help you. But not excess skin. Unfortunately, in most cases, there’s no really good natural way to eliminate excess skin around the belly. That’s why a tummy tuck is such a vital and popular procedure. It can help people eliminate that excess skin and look a little bit slimmer and more fit in the process.

Myth #2: You’ll Be Able to Tell if You Have Excess Skin or Excess Fat

Unfortunately, excess skin and excess fat will look quite similar to the naked eye. Indeed, even when it comes to the touch and feel of the two, it can be difficult for a novice to tell the difference. That’s why when some patients go in for a liposuction, what they actually need is a tummy tuck.

There are some ways you can guess as to whether something is excess skin or excess fat. The most obvious way is to simply grab your belly and if you can pinch more than an inch or so, you have more fat to lose. However, everyone’s body is different and this method is by no means an official test. The best way to find out is to talk to a surgeon.

Myth #3: There Are No Lasting Benefits to a Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty has a pretty well deserved reputation for having a challenging recovery period. It can be painful, and I think that’s what has led to the notion that a tummy tuck simply isn’t worth it or that the results end up being sub-par. That simply isn’t true.

After a tummy tuck procedure, patients will indeed go through a few weeks of recovery, during which the tissue around the belly area may be swollen and bruised. But once the recovery is complete, patients will notice a significantly tighter, smoother-looking belly area. The excess skin will be diminished and the abdomen will be given some added structure.

In other words, a tummy tuck can make a lot of substantial changes that, otherwise, would be nearly impossible to achieve naturally. For patients who are self-conscious about their stretch marks or excess skin, this procedure can definitely be worth it.

Myth #4: People Get a Tummy Tuck Because They are Shallow

In some ways, this myth could apply to any plastic surgery procedure. The truth is that people invest in plastic surgery for a wide variety of reasons. In other words, there isn’t one monolithic motivation driving people towards plastic surgery. In fact, people might look into plastic surgery for one of the following reasons:

  • The excess skin around the tummy can be uncomfortable
  • Excess skin around the belly can make finding flattering clothing difficult
  • Excess skin around the belly can make you feel uncomfortable or self conscious
  • You might have lost a significant amount of weight and feel as though the excess skin around the belly is keeping you from your ultimate goal
  • Excess skin around the tummy can make exercising quite uncomfortable
  • Excess skin around the belly can feel like fat, and that can make some patients feel unhealthy
  • Some patients develop excess skin because of pregnancy or other life events and simply want to feel more youthful again

Whatever the reason why someone might invest in a tummy tuck, those motivations are ultimately quite private. It’s always up to the patient whether he or she wants to have a tummy tuck performed.

Myth #5: There’s No Point in Getting Surgery Where No One is Going to See it

Throughout most of your daily life, your tummy will be covered. Which means that most people you encounter throughout your day are not going to see your smoother, slimmer looking tummy. There are those who might argue that this fact makes a tummy tuck less “worth it.” Why get plastic surgery somewhere that no one is going to see?

The answer to that is easy: you will see it. Much like other plastic surgery procedures, it’s not really about what other people think: it’s about how you feel. And patients who have undergone a tummy tuck often note the following benefits:

  • An increase in confidence and self-esteem
  • Finally feeling comfortable in their own bodies
  • More freedom and comfort at the gym (or when working out)
  • An easier time finding flattering clothing
  • An increased sense of accomplishment, especially after a significant weight loss

In other words, the results are about getting what you want—not about what anyone else wants.

How to Know More About Tummy Tuck

The more you know about a tummy tuck, the less likely you’ll fall for any of these myths (no matter what year it is). So if you want to know more about a tummy tuck and what, exactly, a tummy tuck can do for your body, the best person to talk to is your local cosmetic surgeon.

There are many patients that pair a tummy tuck with a liposuction procedure, and your local plastic surgeon will be the most informed person when it comes to determining how much is fat and how much is excess skin (and the best way to eliminate the two).

If your excess skin is making you feel down or uncomfortable, get some answers from a local plastic surgeon and see how a tummy tuck can turn things around. Until then, we’ll keep busting tummy tuck myths in 2017 and beyond (for as long as we have to, really).

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