Summary: It’s no secret that that as we age our bodies naturally change and evolve in numerous ways. Gaining and losing weight, pregnancy and birth and even simply the effects of gravity over time all play a part in leaving midsections saggy and weak. To correct these effects, many turn to a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, to reverse some of the cosmetic damage done to skin and muscles as part of these natural changes.

However, what is not commonly known is that there may also be some medical benefits associated with getting an abdominoplasty.

Many people often think of the tummy tuck as a purely cosmetic procedure, but there are several ways abdominoplasty could benefit your overall physical health.

Improved Posture

It’s common knowledge that being overweight often causes issues with posture that leads to back pain. However, even for those who have seen drastic weight loss success through diet and exercise, the excess skin that is left over can still pose a burden on the body that can continue causing back pain and additional discomfort.

The health benefit of an abdominoplasty in this case is the removal of the excess skin that can limit movement and promote bad posture. The muscle repair that also often accompanies a tummy tuck also works to help strengthen the other muscles groups in the midsection, leading to a healthier back. A tummy tuck along with regular exercise can help to ensure you maintain good posture and a healthy back.

Hernia Correction

Hernias occur whenever there is a tear or opening in the wall of the cavity where an organ resides. As such, the most common place in the body for these is the abdomen. They occur when muscles become weak, during the course of pregnancy or as a result of abdominal surgery.

Because abdominoplasty procedures typically involve the repair and reconstruction of damaged abdominal muscle tissue, hernias can also be fixed as part of a tummy tuck. Because hernia repair and abdominoplasty can go together in this way, scheduling both in a single procedure can mean enjoying a single recovery time as well.

Help for Stress Urinary Incontinence

Sometimes, following pregnancy and vaginal delivery, women can experience a condition that’s known as stress urinary incontinence. This unplanned minor leakage occurs most often around a moment when the whole body is engaged in a physical activity like coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercising.

Although this condition is often treated without surgery, research shows that stress incontinence may be improved after a tummy tuck. 

Chronic Skin Irritation Relief

For those who have experienced severe weight loss, the skin left behind can often become irritated and rashes may develop. The removal of excess skin during a tummy tuck acts to naturally reduce or eliminate the occurrences of these skin inflammations.

Easier to Keep Weight Off

Although the health benefits of an abdominoplasty certainly don’t include the ability to stay perpetually thin, tummy tucks may help recipients maintain a healthier lifestyle. Whether because the commitment to get an abdominoplasty often involves dedication to a healthy diet and regular exercise before the procedure, or because the results themselves serve as a terrific motivator, many people find it’s easier to keep the weight off after getting a tummy tuck.