Summary: Liposuction is a popular procedure, as it targets discreet areas of fat to eliminate. Likewise, a tummy tuck is popular because it can reduce lax skin. Combining the two procedures is a great way to achieve a slim, tight tummy, and new research seems to indicate that it’s quite safe when it comes to complications from the combination. Of course, there are other considerations—but other benefits as well—to think about before you commit to one direction or another.

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Two Popular Procedures

Liposuction is an incredibly popular procedure. It’s not difficult to see why, as it’s able to target stubborn areas of fat that diet and exercise simply cannot deal with. That pouch you’ve been working on for six months? It’s probably going to stay there. Liposuction targets pockets of fat and contours your tissues to your body, so even though the fatty tissue may be gone, you’ll still remain as curvy and toned as you want.

A tummy tuck is also quite the popular procedure. And while it’s often conflated with liposuction, the two techniques actually do accomplish quite different tasks. Tummy tucks are designed for people with exceptionally loose skin. This is why they’re popular with women who have had children and noticed that pregnancy is, in general, not kind to their abdominal tissue. A tummy tuck is designed to tighten the abdominal muscles and then stretch the skin (after removing excess) to simulate a much more youthful look.

One Complimentary Technique

Even though these two procedures are different, they’re often considered complimentary. Research published in August of 2013, in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery—Global Open, suggests that when certain precautions are taken, tummy tuck and liposuction can be safely combined without any rise in complications. Indeed, according to the research, combining the procedures may even lower the risk of complications.

According to the website of east coast liposuction experts at ECA Plastic Surgery, modern day liposuction is often accomplished with the help of other technologies: ultrasound, for example, or lasers. These technologies, according to the study, can sometimes facilitate healing and even help with complications of the liposuction procedure.

Combining the two is not terribly uncommon, at least in terms of goals. The liposuction procedure is a wonderful way to eliminate unwanted fat deposits and the tummy tuck is a great way to make sure everything works together. By adding a tummy tuck to the procedure, you also allow the liposuction to do a little bit more work. Generally, one thing that limits the amount of fat which can be eliminated is the elasticity of your skin—taking out too much fat means that the skin will be left lax and, generally, unattractive. By adding a tummy tuck to the procedure, you can take out more fat because your skin will be tightened up when it’s all said and done.

No Regrets

Of course, this means there will be significantly more recovery than if you were to just receive a liposuction, as liposuction is a generally noninvasive procedure. Tummy tucks, on the other hand, are generally a bit more on the painful side and require a significant commitment to your recovery. Granted, the results are, then, a little more on the dramatic side. The point, of course, is that you’ll want to consider what kind of recovery you can commit to. The plus-side of combining the procedures is that you won’t have to go through two recovery periods.

Whether you get one or the other, together or separately, liposuctions and tummy tucks are two procedures that have a very high satisfaction rate and generally produce fabulous results. These procedures really let you strut your stuff.