Summary: When you start exercising or dieting, it’s likely that you’ve got a goal in mind. This goal might be a target weight or a desired look. But you should be cautious when it comes to achieving this overall look. The internet is replete with tips and tricks. Unfortunately when it comes to the trick of burning tummy fat, the reality is that nothing works better than a lot of hard work.

the trick to burning tummy fat

Looking for the Trick to Burning Tummy Fat

If there’s one problem area that just about everyone struggles with, it’s the belly (or maybe the butt… however, butt exercises are really tough). For many people, that’s where fat tends to accumulate the most, not to mention extra skin. It’s also the area that can raise alarm bells—belly fat is definitely harder on your heart than fat in most other places.

And yet, it can be difficult to burn away tummy fat. The trick to burning tummy fat seems elusive. Dieting cannot effectively target an area of the body. Yes, you can target exercise—but only when it comes to increasing the size of the muscles. Your body does not “target” areas for fat burning.

That doesn’t stop the internet from publishing article after article promising the trick to burning tummy fat. I guess in some ways, this article is no different. The only thing that sets us apart is this: we’re not going to sugar coat it. If you want to know the trick to burning tummy fat, it’s this: a holistic approach.

The Trick When There is No Trick

So, here’s where we’re at again. There really is no trick—it’s just that most “trick to burning belly fat” searches you do won’t admit to that. There are, however, a couple of strategies you can employ that will help you achieve the results you want. I use the word “strategies” because, quite simply, there’s no getting around the work you have to do.

And burning belly fat will be a significant amount of work. Here are a few of the strategies I suggest:

  • Avoid workouts that stress exercising your abdominal muscles. If you want rock hard, chiseled abs, yes, you’re eventually going to have to crunches and core workouts. But if you’re trying to eliminate belly fat, focusing on your abs can be defeating—all you’re doing is increasing the mass of the muscle beneath your belly fat. You could be making your belly look bigger than it is.
  • Focus on workouts that use your entire body. This could be running, this could be the elliptical machine, it could be stair climbing. It’s true that aerobic exercise can only take you so far, and eventually you’ll plateau, but it’s good cornerstone to start with.
  • Watch your diet. If you’re trying to get rid of belly fat, you’re going to want to limit the amount of fat you’re eating. You’ll also want to avoid sugars. And you’ll also want to avoid overcharging on carbs or proteins. In other words, you’ll have to put some thought into calibrating your diet for what you’re trying to accomplish.
  • Don’t forget to stretch. If you’re working really hard to get the body you want, the worst thing you can do is injure yourself because you’re doing too much too fast. That’s why you want to be sure to take time to stretch before and after every work out. Take it from someone who’s been sidelined for months with a muscle injury: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The Best Workouts Won’t Address Extra Skin

Even if you did find the one secret trick to burning belly fat, the best workouts in the world (or in your imagination) aren’t going to be able to do anything about excess skin. Our bodies develop extra skin because, as we gain mass, the skin stretches. When you’re young, the skin is able to bounce back—it’s elastic like a rubber band. But as you age, that rubber band-quality diminishes.

If you lose a significant amount of weight, then, you’ll likely be left with a lot of extra skin. If you want to get rid of this extra skin, you’ll likely need to invest in a surgical procedure, such as a tummy tuck. According to the website of the Chicago tummy tuck surgeon at Ogilvie Plastic Surgery, this procedure is able to produce a slim, sleek, and slender overall look.

In other words, your belly area will not only be lean—it will look that way too. For many people, excess skin gets in the way of how they want to look. Extra skin isn’t all that different in appearance from extra fat, after all.

The Trick is There is No Trick

So when I say that there is no trick—that it takes hard work and a lot of different strategies—you can see what I mean. It might take you a while to achieve your desired final look. It might even take plastic surgery. But for most people, that final look is certainly achievable.