What's Trending in Cosmetic Surgery?

Today’s trends plastic surgery procedures might feel sudden—like they come out of nowhere. Often, that’s not the case, as a significant amount of time and energy go into researching these innovations. Which means that if you’re paying attention, you can see them coming. That said, even we get surprised (in the best possible way) every once in a while by what’s trending in plastic surgery.

where do wrinkles come from?

If there’s one thing that the cosmetic world is known for, it’s trendy plastic surgery procedures. It seems like every year, there are new procedures that are able to change the body in new and different ways (often in very surprising ways). In other words, when it comes to several of these procedures, we didn’t even know you could do that.

What’s are the Trendy Plastic Surgery Procedures Today?

And that’s okay. We like it when plastic and cosmetic surgery surprises us. That’s why we’re looking at five new and trendy plastic surgery procedures that have cropped up or gotten really popular in the last six to twelve months (okay, some of them go a little bit further back than that, but stick with me).

Let’s take a look at what’s trendy in plastic surgery today!

New Trend #1: Dimpelplasty

Dimples have always been a sign of “cuteness,” right? Most people would put dimples somewhere between “cute” and “adorable,” depending who those dimples are on. Well, it turns out dimples are highly coveted these days, and people are willing to undergo minor surgery, called dimpleplasty, in order to get them.

Surgeons are able to produce these dimples by manipulating the muscle just beneath the skin in the jaw. This means that the procedure is generally minimally invasive and patients are usually quick to recovery. When they smile they will, in most cases, start seeing dimples! Only time will tell whether this trend really grabs hold and becomes popular.

Trend #2: Nipple Surgery

Surgeons have been manipulating the placement and size of nipples for quite some time, usually as component of breast lift or breast reduction procedures. However, nipple surgery on its own hasn’t started to become popular until just recently—and it’s now at the stage where surgeons are expecting a full on trend.

Nipple surgery is often used to correct inverted nipples. But modern applications also include changing the size or shape of the nipple, including the areola. Patients are able to make the areola smaller and more proportional. That’s tempting for many patients, and helps explain why nipple surgery could be the next big thing.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Okay, the Brazilian Butt Lift has been around for a number of years, now. But it’s never really stopped being “trendy.” It has always been one of those procedures that’s been on the cutting edge and been “trendy” in addition to being popular. During a Brazilian Butt Lift, the following will typically happen:

  • Fat will be removed from your body via liposuction (usually from your belly or from another area where the fat is no longer desired)
  • The fat will sometimes be processed or otherwise purified
  • After that processing, the fat will be carefully injected into the body in a carefully controlled manner

It’s not uncommon for surgeons to use dozens of injections in order to ensure the end result is just right. For most patients, that result is a rear end that looks larger, rounder, and more fit.

Trend #4: Kybella

Making its big debut last year was an injectable called Kybella. It’s one of those procedures that sounds too good to be true. You get a few injections and the fat around your jawline goes away. In other words, after just a few injections, you can kiss that double chin goodbye.

There are a few caveats. Kybella doesn’t work for everyone (though it does work for most patients). And the injections won’t do anything to eliminate excess skin. Still, it’s pretty amazing that there’s an injection that can target and eliminate fat. Right now, Kybella is only FDA approved to treat submental fat (double chin). I would not be shocked if this changed sometime in the future.

Trend #5: Fat Graft Breast Augmentation

Rising from the same basic technique that gave us the Brazilian Butt Lift, another popular procedure recently is the Fat Graft Breast Augmentation. Essentially, instead of achieving larger breast size with saline or silicone implants, surgeons are able to increase the size of the breasts using your body’s own fat.

The process for this is fairly similar to the Brazilian Butt Lift. The primary difference, of course, is the target. This type of breast augmentation is popular because the results tend to look and feel exceptionally natural, though there are drawbacks (precisely controlling the size of the final product is especially difficult).

Choose Your Trend

To be sure, these trends might be here today and gone tomorrow. But plastic surgery is one of those fields that is always innovating. That means that today’s trends may have a lasting, powerful impact. In other words, today’s trendy plastic surgery procedures might be tomorrow’s most popular.

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