Is a Tummy Tuck going to transform you?

Just how transformative can tummy tuck be when very few people will see the results. I suppose the answer to that depends on a couple things. But let’s clear something up right away: plastic surgery isn’t designed to be seen by anyone but you. That is, the most important opinion--the only one that truly matters--is yours. If you feel transformed by the results, then that’s what’s important.

woman on beach; how transformative can tummy tuck be?

At its best, all plastic surgery is designed to transform. That way you feel better about the way you look. But how transformative can tummy tuck be, especially when (generally) it affects an area of the body that most people you come across will never see. To a certain extent, that sentiment misunderstands the basic premise of plastic surgery: for most patients, plastic surgery is about pleasing yourself first and foremost.

How Transformative Can Tummy Tuck Be for Patients?

That strangers won’t see the results is, ultimately immaterial (just as it would be for a result that is more public, such as a facelift). What’s important is that the patient feels happier and more confident in his or her body. And that happens when you look in the mirror.

So, any tummy tuck procedure certainly can be transformative. For many patients, a tummy tuck is the last step on the road to reclaiming your body–to appearing more youthful and vital. That’s because a tummy tuck is designed to eliminate excess skin around the abdomen. For most people, surgery is the only way to accomplish that goal. How transformative can tummy tuck–when it’s done properly, the procedure is quite the change.

Why Get a Tummy Tuck?

The primary purpose of a tummy tuck is to eliminate excess skin. For most patients, it’s a little more complicated than that. Excess skin can accumulate for a wide variety of reasons, and those reasons might have a significant impact on the patient’s motivation for undergoing the procedure.

Patients commonly site some of the following motivations for undergoing a tummy tuck procedure:

  • Pregnancy: One of the most common causes of excess skin around the tummy area is pregnancy. During pregnancy, the belly, obviously, expands. The skin stretches to accommodate the new volume. But for many women, the skin has lost the elasticity necessary to completely “bounce back” and be as firm as it once was. Pregnancy also often loosens the abdominal muscles, exacerbating the issue. Tummy tuck is designed to address both of these issues.
  • Weight Loss: When one experiences significant weight loss, there is often a considerable amount of excess skin left over. That’s because, as you age, your skin loses elasticity. So once the skin expands, there are very few ways to shrink it. (This is not all that different from what happens with pregnancy, although the causes are quite different.) For many who have been on a weight loss journey, a tummy tuck will often feel like closure, like the patient has finally reached his or her destination.

What Can a Tummy Tuck Do?

Primarily, a tummy tuck is designed to two things: add structure to the abdominal muscles and eliminate excess skin. The end results are designed to look slimmer and fitter than before. So, simply put, tummy tucks can be exceptionally transformative.

The incision line for a tummy tuck is usually easily hidden beneath the bikini line. Meaning that most people who see the results (yourself included) will also not necessarily see that incision line (I mean, you’ll know it’s there, but you’re not going to see it every time you look in the mirror).

Doing What Your Body Can’t

The idea behind a tummy tuck is to help you look more slim, fit, and youthful. Essentially, a tummy tuck is doing what your body cannot. However you’ve accumulated excess skin, most of the time it’s going to hang around. And that excess skin can be both uncomfortable and demoralizing.

For patients who have successfully completed a weight loss regimen, that’s especially true. Excess skin can make patients feel self-conscious. So all of that confidence you expected to achieve once you lost that weight might remain elusive. It can be frustrating for patients don’t want to be reminded of that journey–they just want to feel fit!

Excess skin can get in the way, and it can cause patients to feel self-conscious. In other words, it might cause you to cover up just as much as the fat you worked so hard to get rid of. Tummy tuck offers a solution to that–because excess skin tends to stick around. Your body isn’t going to naturally get rid of that skin. And that means tummy tuck is one of the most viable options for that.

Helping You Transform

It doesn’t really matter whether others appreciate your transformation on a daily basis (or ever, really). What’s important is that you find the body that you want–that you get the transformation that you’re after. A tummy tuck offers patients the ability to achieve that transformation. How transformative can a tummy tuck be? Ultimately, that’s between you and your surgeon. It all depends on what you want your final results to look like and what your body can (or will) handle and allow.

Perhaps the best way to determine if a tummy tuck is the right move for you is to contact your local plastic surgeon and schedule a consultation.

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