Three hand ailments you might find surprising

There are way more than three hand conditions that will surprise you. After all, the hand itself is somewhat odd--an anatomical oddity. But that doesn’t deny the fact that there are ways in which you typically think of hand injuries as happening. These three hand conditions that will surprise you are different because injuries and ailments present in a way that is unexpected. And that can make finding a treatment all that much more important.

There are plenty of ways to injure your hand. But there are three hand conditions that will surprise you simply because they’re relatively unexpected. They aren’t the type of thing you’d expect to happen to your hand. In many ways, that’s because these hand conditions don’t fit the normal expectation of “broken.”

Top Three Hand Conditions That Will Surprise You

When something is broken, we simply expect it not to work. Like, when your car is broken, it won’t start. That kind of a thing. But it turns out that your hand can “break” in some pretty odd ways.

And we’re not talking about “breaking” in terms of bones, although that can happen as well. No, we mean breaking as in the hand somehow stops functioning in the way that it’s supposed to. These three hand conditions that will surprise you aren’t meant to shock you, I suppose. Instead, they’re meant to enlighten you–to show you a bit more about how intricate, delicate, and important the hands truly are.

Condition #1: Trigger Finger

So, here’s the first interesting little condition that can happen to your hand: it’s called trigger finger. And, essentially, it’s just like it sounds: your index finger (or sometimes your middle finger; or sometimes both) gets stuck in a flexed position. It looks as though you’re pulling an imaginary trigger.

How this happens is a little interesting. You see, your hand is filled with connective tissue: tendons and ligaments. Your muscles provide the power to move your fingers, but your tendons and ligaments hold everything together.

When those tendons or ligaments become inflamed for some reason, your fingers can get stuck in a flexed position. It tends not to be terribly comfortable (there is, after all, inflammation involved). So it’s recommended that you see a hand specialist as quickly as possible if you begin to develop symptoms of trigger finger. Or, you know, if your fingers get “locked” in a flexed position.

Condition #2: Ganglion Cysts

This hand condition even sounds a bit funky: it’s a Ganglion Cyst. If you don’t know what a Ganglion Cyst is, that’s okay, you’re not alone. Essentially, a Ganglion Cyst is a collection of fluid in a small sac in your skin. They usually form around joints and they present as these fleshy bumps on your skin.

Generally, they aren’t harmful in and of themselves, but they can put pressure on your joints–and that pressure can cause some discomfort. Additionally, there’s nothing stopping a Ganglion Cyst from continuing to grow, so most people elect to undergo some kind of treatment for them.

That treatments usually involves draining the fluid in the cyst. That usually involves a very minor surgical procedure. But afterwards, most patients feel a significant amount of relief, and significantly less pressure in their joints.

Condition #3: Nerve Damage

The final condition we’re going to talk about today is, perhaps, a little more common and well known: nerve damage. What’s unique about your hand, however, is just how easy it is to inflict nerve damage of some kind. Your nerves, tendons, ligaments are all very near to the surface of your hand.

That means that even a small laceration or a tiny cut can cause damage to your nerves. And damage to your nerves can cause numbness, loss of feeling, and loss of control–issues that need to be repaired surgically when they can be repaired at all. In other words, it’s not uncommon for a simply accident while you’re slicing an onion to lead to nerve damage.

The hand is sensitive by design, but that means it’s also pretty darn fragile.

Finding Help for Your Hands

Because the hands are a kind of anatomical oddity, there are surgeons who specialize in repairing them. Often, these hand surgeons will be your best option for mitigating damage from these ailments. That’s especially true when surgery is required to repair the damage.

There are hand surgeons in Houston, New York, California–you name it. So if your hand is bothering you, a quick trip to the hand clinic might actually end up making all the difference in the world.

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