Summary: While working to kick breast cancers butt you don’t need to worry about your appearance on top of everything. Mastectomy’s can be hard, but cosmetic surgeons can use breast reconstruction techniques to restore your look to a beautiful new you.

You Can Do It

Breast cancer sucks, plain and simple. Mastectomy surgeries can be traumatizing, with emotional and physical side effects. Thanks to the help of a cosmetic surgeon, however, you wont need to worry about how you’re going to look after going through this procedure. Using different breast reconstruction techniques, your surgeon will be able to restore your look to something similar to your pre-op state, or enhance your look post-op. You just focus on surviving and fighting while your doctor works on the rest.

Multiple Choice

iStock_000003393377SmallYour breast reconstruction process will be highly individualized. There’s no one right way to reconstruct a breast, and your anatomy and shape will ultimately determine the process that is right for your specific case. Traditional reconstruction methods use your existing tissue, muscle and fat to restore the area. Many women choose to have an implant put in instead, however, because they allow for more control over the post-op size and shape. This can be a fun time to enhance your look, and use implants to improve upon your look. Positive things can always come out of hard situations. This is a very difficult time in your life, and communication is key in making this experience as positive as it can be. Discussing all of your options with your doctor will help you love your post-op look.

Implant Options

If you choose the implant route, you will then be faced with two more choices: saline or silicone. The filler used in your implant will determine your final results. There are pros and cons to both materials. Discussing them with your doctor is important, but listed below is some information to give you a head start on the decision making process:

  • SALINE PROS: Saline is absorbed harmlessly into the body. A natural material, you will not suffer any negative consequences in the case of a rupture. Your implant will also deflate so rupture will be easy to detect.
  • SALINE CONS: Less able to mimic the natural feel of a breast. Not as flexible and the shape is less natural.
  • SILICONE PROS: More natural look and feel. More similar to a natural breast, flexible and provides less of a “fake” look.
  • SILICONE CONS: Silicone is not an absorbent material. It will harder to detect a rupture because in the case of one, your breast will fill up with silicone and the material will rest there.

There is no “correct” option for implant. Your desired final results as well as your individual shape and health per-operation will help to determine which choice is right for you. Plastic Surgeons like Dr. Moises Salama and Dr. Rami Ghurani are highly skilled in this area and the right cosmetic surgeon will assure you that your implant choice will be the one that is right for you.


Not Going to Give Up

Look into breast reconstruction- you owe this to yourself. Your mastectomy recovery process has been long and tumultuous. You need to understand that you are not alone and that there are amazing cosmetic surgeons right in your area that are waiting to give you the look you desire. Whether you want to enhance your look or simply repair yourself to your pre-op state, educate yourself on all of your options to determine what is best for you. You’re a beautiful survivor, and you deserve to have a beautiful new look.

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