Get the Procedure You Want When You Want it

Rather than waiting a significant amount of time for plastic surgery, you might want some procedures you can get on your lunch break. There are tradeoffs, of course, but some patients are certainly willing to make those tradeoffs depending on the type of results they’re after.

quick procedures you can get on your lunch break

Don’t you just want a set of procedures you can get on your lunch break? Plastic surgery can take a significant amount of time. Not only do you have to go in for a consultation, but you have to endure surgery and recovery. That last stage—the recovery—can take weeks, if not months, depending on your procedure. That’s why procedures that can be performed over a lunch hour have a special appeal.

In Search of Procedures You Can Get Over Your Lunch Break

To be sure, these “quick” procedures usually don’t produce quite the “bang” that surgical procedures do. The results can often be subtle—but that subtlety works to excellent effect with most of these procedures. Making one small change to your face or your hands can have a big impact on how you’re perceived.

Surprising Procedure #1: Lip Injections

These days, it’s not uncommon for patients to want bigger, fuller lips. This can be accomplished surgically with a fat graft procedure. Now, there are some who will market this as “non surgical.” And that’s partially true. But all fat graft procedures require liposuction. And liposuction is certainly a surgical procedure (the incision is small, but it’s surgical).

That said, there are ways to get larger lips without a fat graft procedure. One such was is by using injections of dermal fillers. These days, there are fillers (such as Juvederm Volbella or Radiesse Silk) that are specifically designed for the lips. These fillers have particles that are relatively small, so the surgeon has a great deal of control over the final results.

That’s especially important when it comes to the lips, the augmentation of which requires a delicate touch. With the right surgeon and the right filler, patients can be in and out in under thirty minutes—with larger, fuller, sexier lips.

Surprising Procedure #2: Non Surgical Nose Job

The Non Surgical Nose Job was developed in Los Angeles by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin. That was nearly a decade ago, so it’s a little bit of a stretch to say that a Non Surgical Nose Job is a “surprising” quick procedure. But there are a couple of reasons it makes our list:

  • This procedure can be accomplished in as little as fifteen minutes—that’s pretty quick for a change to the nose
  • Non Surgical Nose Jobs can be either temporary or permanent, depending on the preference of the patient (there are permanent fillers!)
  • There’s no recovery time associated with Non Surgical Nose Job
  • This procedure can be used to increase volume only—but it can create the illusion of a smaller nose by emphasizing the right balance and proportions

It’s important, of course, to see a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon when getting a Non Surgical Nose Job. This procedure is significantly faster and more comfortable than a surgical nose job (and you get to see you results immediately), but it’s still something you want to ensure is done right.

Surprising Procedure #3: Kybella

When you want to get rid of fat, you get liposuction. At least, that’s how it’s always been—until now. Kybella really changed things when it appeared on the market last year. This injectable can actually melt fat in a highly significant way. Of course, the FDA has only approved Kybella as a means to treat submental fat.

“Submental” fat is just a fancy name for a “double chin.” In a way, this is good, because a double chin can be exceptionally difficult to get rid of using only diet or exercise. Once it’s there, your body has a way of hanging onto that area of fat whether you want it to or not. Before Kybella, the solution had always been liposuction.

But now you can get rid of that fat with a simple set of injections. It may take a few months in order for your to see the results of your Kybella treatment—but the injections themselves can be administered over a short amount of time (a lunch break, for example).

Quick Is Not Always Better—But It is Nice Sometimes

Getting the fastest procedure is not always the way to go. However, when you live a busy life, every minute can be important to you. That’s why these procedures you can get on your lunch break are a great option for many patients. People who have busy lives sometimes might avoid, for example, a rhinoplasty procedure because it will simply take too long.

By using cosmetic procedures such as these, patients can get what they want in a hurry, even if the results may be temporary. For many patients, that’s a tradeoff worth considering. That’s why these procedures you can get on your lunch break are so popular!

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