Summary: It can be difficult to discuss your plastic surgery motivations, sometimes. After all, you might not really want to talk about it. I think part of the reason for that is that the public tends to make judgments about plastic surgery motivations. There are, however, some surprising motivations for plastic surgery out there—in some ways, they’re so surprising because they’re so normal.

surprising motivations for plastic surgery

Some Surprising Motivations for Plastic Surgery

There’s a tendency to write off plastic surgery patients as somehow overly shallow. This is especially played up in the media, where plastic surgery rumors and celebrity showmanship go hand in hand. The overwhelming narrative is basically that celebrities are shallow, so anyone who gets plastic surgery is shallow (or at the very least, mainly concerned with how they look).

Of course, that narrative doesn’t really match the reality. There are many reasons why patients seek out plastic surgery procedures—and many of those reasons can be surprising. To a certain extent, your physical appearance plays a role in your personal identity; in other words, how you look can be important to you.

Many plastic surgery patients aren’t necessarily trying to look better, they’re trying to look more like their real selves. So let’s take a look at some of the surprising motivations for plastic surgery procedures that are out there. Of course, these motivations aren’t surprising for the patients who get the procedures; I mean that they run counter to that more common (an inaccurate) narrative.

Breast Augmentation – Uneven Breasts

When many people think about breast augmentation procedures, they may not have an accurate image of motivations in mind. In fact, many patients seek out a breast augmentation not necessarily to increase their bust size but to even them out. Many women suffer from uneven breasts, and breast augmentation is a way to address that issue.

In these cases, the size of the breast implants is not equal on each side. One side will be larger than the other in order to equalize the size of the breasts (in many cases, implants will be required on both sides in order to ensure the breasts have a similar “look”). The end result is breasts that look relatively balanced and even.

For many women, unsymmetrical breasts can be a cause of discomfort and self-consciousness. A breast augmentation to correct uneven breasts can make a significant improvement in one’s confidence and self-esteem.

Rhinoplasty – Fixing a Broken Nose

Many people visualize rhinoplasty as a purely cosmetic procedure: someone doesn’t like the size of his or her nose and endeavors to change it. In a way, that’s true. But it isn’t just about making the nose bigger or smaller. In many cases, it’s also about restoring the nose to what it once was.

According to the website of the Chicago rhinoplasty surgeon at Ogilvie Plastic Surgery, many patients seek out a nose job in order to correct a trauma. Often, especially for athletes, the nose can become broken. A nose that is repeatedly broken can develop several long term issues (not only to its appearance, but also in terms of its function).

Addressing these issues—and making the nose look more like it did before it was broken—is a key goal for many rhinoplasty patients.

Body Contouring

We often think of liposuction as a weight loss solution—at least, that’s the way it’s portrayed in popular culture. The reality, however, is quite different. Liposuction is generally reserved for cases where small pockets of fat stubbornly remain. In other words—you’ve tried diet and exercise and that still won’t help you get rid of that last bit of fat.

Liposuction, then, is great for removing these stubborn areas of fat. Surgeons can go in, remove that area of fat, and the patient is then free to enjoy the results. Patients who undergo liposuction are often trying to complete a transformation started by diet and exercise.

After all, think about how frustrating it would be: you’ve poured all of that energy and time into dieting and exercising. But nothing you do can remove that last area of fat. The only way to complete that transformation, then, is liposuction. In many ways, it’s as much as it is about completing a journey as it is getting a final look. It’s about getting that final reward for which you worked so hard.

Your Motivations Are Your Own

I think one of the reasons patients tend to be secretive about their plastic surgery is because they want to avoid judgment of their motivations. People get plastic surgery for a wide variety of reasons, some of them exotic and some of them mundane. For most patients, their motives will reside somewhere in the middle.

But your motivations are, put simply, between you and your doctor. And no one else. You should not feel compelled to divulge your motivations to anyone you don’t want to—no matter what those motivations are.