Summary: Losing weight can be a lifelong struggle. Even when successful, sometimes it doesn’t feel as though the weight loss journey is complete because of excess skin that’s left behind. The solution for this is a procedure called a lower body lift, or—more broadly—body contouring after a massive weight loss. This is a way to mitigate excess skin, and the end result is something that looks much smoother and sleeker. It’s no wonder that many who have lost weight then go on to have a body contouring procedure performed.

struggle after losing weight

The Struggle After Losing Weight

Losing weight can be one of those lifelong struggles. Your body naturally wants to stay the weight that it is, so it’s fighting you every step of the way—every calorie is a little bit harder to burn than the last. But there are some remarkably disciplined people who are able to lose that weight, getting themselves (theoretically, anyway) more fit and a little bit healthier. This is certainly the case with makeup artist Simone Anderson, who over the past year or so has lost 200 pounds. This has greatly improved Anderson’s health, as well as her confidence. She has kept a blog about her weight loss and has written extensively about it on Instagram (or taken pictures, I should say).

But one thing that often gets lost in weight loss backslapping and congratulatory messages is another thing Anderson is drawing attention to: excess tissue. As one gains weight, the skin tends to stretch out. This is actually a good thing (without that stretching, the skin would be, well, unhealthy let’s say). But when someone loses weight, the skin doesn’t bounce back quite as easily. To be sure it might if you’re younger—but your skin loses that elasticity as you age. So many people, such as Anderson, who lose a significant amount of weight, are left with an equally significant amount of loose skin.

Removing Excess Skin

This skin can be a bummer. Many people feel that it keeps them from showing off their new, slimmer body. Anderson herself writes about having to tuck that skin into her pants when she exercises. It can be a nuisance and a drain on the self esteem. So that’s why Anderson, like many in her situation, is opting for a procedure called a body lift, sometimes known as a lower body lift. This procedure isn’t necessarily easy on the body, but many patients who have lost weight consider it a vital part of completing the entire weight loss journey, of finally having the bodies they’ve been struggling so hard to get.

So what is a lower body lift? According to the website of the Clear Lake TX lower body lift experts at South Shore Plastic Surgery, a lower body lift is, basically, like a facelift on the lower body. Where as a facelift eliminate wrinkles and folds by excising extra tissue and straightening everything out, a lower body lift removes excess tissue and contours the remaining skin so that it all looks smooth. The end result is a lower body that no longer suffers from all of that excess skin. This means that patients like Anderson can work out without having to worry about tucking their extra skin into their shorts.

A Boost of Confidence and Self-Esteem

This is a huge boon to patients. They know that their belly area will never be perfect, but so few of these patients are looking for perfection. Rather, what they’re looking for is the ability to go out into public without feeling self-conscious. And, research has shown time and again, that this is a valuable way to keep patients invested in the lifestyle choices that keep them healthy. This can not only have long term positive consequences for self-esteem and self-confidence, but also for health more broadly.

This is one plastic surgery procedure that’s definitely easy to understand in terms of motivation. It should be pointed out, however, that the recovery process for this procedure is not easy. Before the patient can come home, he or she must spend several days in the hospital recuperating. Additionally, it can be several weeks before the patient is able to start any kind of exercise routing. It may also take several weeks for the initial round of swelling to diminish (several months for all swelling to diminish). This means that patients who undergo a lower body lift will need help and assistance during the recovery process.

Making Sure You’re Happy

But study after study has shown that this process is worth it. And it’s growing in popularity, as more people make healthy lifestyle choices and as more people lose weight through processes such as bariatric surgery. So if you find yourself losing weight and frustrated by the amount of excess skin you’re dealing with, you should know that there is hope for your situation. In fact, many people have gone through just the same thing. You should talk to your plastic surgeon today and find out if a lower body lift—or any kind of body lift—can help you get the body that you’re after. Complete your weight loss journey today!