Doctors Tend to Specialize

There are some special kinds of doctors you didn’t think were real before now. These are doctors who specialize in issues that seem so outside the normal that they couldn’t possibly be a real field. Or they specialize in something that seems incredibly mundane until you stop to think about it. Doctors, after all, specialize for a reason. And it’s a good thing they do.

special kinds of doctors you didn't think were real

It’s no secret that doctors tend to specialize. You can go to a doctor for your lungs. Or a doctor for ear-nose-and-throat problems. Heck, you can even go to a doctor for your mind. There are plenty of reasons that doctors specialize. But that also leads to some doctors that are, well, interesting.

There Are Some Kinds of Doctors You Didn’t Think Were Real

There are special kinds of doctors you didn’t think were real, problem–or would at least have a hard time believing as an actual thing. But today we’re looking at some of those doctors. These specialties might seem rare or silly–but they’re just something you’ve probably not heard of yet.

In fact, these special kinds of doctors you didn’t think were real just might be one of the doctors you come to depend on in the future. Life is full of surprises that way. This article, it should be mentioned, is for entertainment purposes only. If you have a medical issue, you should contact a doctor immediately.

Hand Surgeons

That’s right, there are doctors that specialize in the hands themselves. This might seem kind of silly at first glance. After all, hands are pretty common–just about everyone has two of them. So why would a doctor need to specialize?

Turns out, the hands are enormously complicated. You have all kinds of muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves (not to mention the bones themselves) running just beneath the skin. Which means there are a lot of different issues that could cause pain. Added to that innate complexity is the degree to which you use your hands.

If you think about it, you’re using your hands all day every day. You use them to type, to navigate the internet (not to mention drive around in real life). You need your hands to eat. With that added use comes all kinds of opportunity for injury, damage, and wear. That means the hands are often injured–but you need a hand surgeon to figure out precisely what’s wrong because the hands are so complicated.

Sleep Doctors

Here’s another thing that just about everybody does every day: sleep. The problem is that sleep is complicated and not particularly well understood. (That is to say, we understand sleep but not nearly so well as we’d like to–there are still many mysteries.) But when something goes wrong, things can get bad in a hurry.

That’s why sleep doctors exist. They can help us diagnose and treat issues related to sleep. That’s important, because when we aren’t sleeping well we also tend not to function well (both internally and externally).

The issue is that there are many, many things that can cause sleep issues. And so it’s up to sleep doctors (who have thankfully specialized) to figure out what’s causing the issue and how to treat it. Even issues as common as, say, sleep apnea, need to be treated by a sleep doctor in order to see improvement.

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine

Okay, here’s one specialty you probably haven’t heard too much about: hyperbaric and undersea medicine. And yet, these are particularly useful types of medicine to practice, especially in coastal areas.

That’s because pressure differentials can cause all kinds of havoc with the human body. When humans go SCUBA diving, they are breathing in air at approximately 1 atmosphere. (The equivalent to walking outside.) But if they don’t descend or ascend properly, divers can cause serious damage to their lungs.

That’s where undersea and hyperbaric medicine comes in. Because the damage caused by changes in pressure tend to be somewhat specific–and difficult to treat. It’s important to the patient that the doctor have experience and expertise in this particular area.

Finding the Right Doctor for You

The thing about specialties is that they exist for a reason. It’s all about finding the right doctor with the right specialty for you. After all, your particular ailment might feel rare and unique, but it’s likely there are other people suffering from the same ailment. And that’s precisely the time you need a specialized doctor.

That’s not to take anything away from general practitioners. They often provide the very first and vital step to getting the care you need. Again, if you feel like you need medical attention, contact a doctor to find out what the next steps for you are.

There are special kinds of doctors you didn’t think were real. But now you know that some specialties might sound a little silly–but they’re very needed.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for nearly four years. He’s spoken to many surgeons and doctors about their practices and what they offer, and tries to ensure all information is as accurate as possible.

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