Summary: Because humans come in all shapes and sizes, the field of plastic surgery has gotten pretty good at giving people options to suit those variations. Breast implants come in different shapes and sizes, and those options are widely available, whether you’re looking at a breast augmentation in Anchorage, AL, or if you’re looking for a Clear Lake, TX, breast augmentation specialist. But this also means that women must decide on the types of breast implants that will work best for them. And this isn’t always an easy—or simple—decision to make.

Exploring the different types of breast implants

The Different Types of Breast Implants

When it’s time for a breast augmentation, one of the first questions is usually about size and shape. From there, it goes on to type. This is a pretty good course for the conversation to take, as one of these may often inform the other. Size and shape are important when considering the outcome, of course, and the final look. Most plastic surgeons will work with you to make sure that the size and shape you select will compliment your current proportions so that your overall look will work together. Indeed, one thing that most women are looking to improve with breast augmentation procedures are those hip to waist to bust proportions.

However, once the size has been selected, that still leaves you with another decision to make. There are three basic types of breast implants. There are saline implants, which were popular and common last decade. There are silicone implants, which are the mainstay of breast implant types today, due to their excellent safety record. And there are fat graft implants, which are making headway and becoming more popular every day. Let’s take a closer look at some of those types of breast implants.

Breast Implant Material Options

  • Saline: This type of breast implant used to be much more popular than it is now. In fact, saline has generally fallen out of favor with most plastic surgeons. There are some uncommon cases where this is the best option (if an allergy to silicone is present, for example), but generally, most surgeons do not use saline implants any more.
  • Silicone: By far the most popular type of breast implant available today, silicone implants are robust, strong, and feel mostly natural. Even if an implant ruptures, the silicone is designed to maintain the same shape, rendering most ruptures basically invisible. In other words, if you don’t have pain from a rupture, you can generally just leave it as is, and many women do. Silicone implants are also popular because they feel and behave very naturally.
  • Fat Graft: Of course, the most natural type of implant is one that is made of natural materials. The fat graft breast implant has grown incredibly popular over the last few years, partly because it kills two birds with one stone. The fat used for fat graft procedures usually comes from a donor area by using liposuction. In other words, fat is removed from an unwanted area and put somewhere where it’s more wanted.

Silicone vs. Fat Graft

There are definite differences between fat graft and silicone breast implant options. One of the reasons why some patients opt for the silicone types of breast implants is because it basically consists of one procedure. In other words, you go in for your breast augmentation and, unless you actually want anything else, that’s all you get. Only one set of scars (which diminish, of course). The size of silicone breast implants are also incredibly predictable. Basically, the size of those implants doesn’t change after they are implants, even if the swelling may go down a bit.

The same cannot be said of fat graft procedures. And this is perhaps the fat graft breast implant’s biggest drawback. When you get any type of fat graft procedure, despite the surgeon’s best efforts, some of that fat will die after it’s been transferred to your breast. But no one can predict with 100% accuracy how much of that fat will die. It’s usually a very small amount, but even a very small amount—especially if it’s unequal in each breath—can indeed impact your overall final look.

Breast Implants are an Individual Choice

That said, the fat graft that remains will admittedly create a more natural look than silicone implants, especially when it comes to the cleavage. According to a recent study, one plastic surgeon found that fat graft implants created more natural-looking cleavage compared to silicone. Of course, the sample size was fairly limited (less than 100 people), so this study is really just the beginning of the scholarship rather than the final word.

Every woman will have to choose which implant suits her lifestyle and desires better. Some women will prefer the security of silicone implants, where as some women will prefer the natural look of fat graft cleavage. Both are incredibly safe procedure, and each have their own strengths. Before you decide on the types of breast implants you’ll be pursuing, however, you discuss all options with your plastic surgeon, as a consultation will give you a better idea of all the options that will work with your body and help give you your desired results.