5 cosmetic medical accounts you should follow on social media.

Are you a true lover of everything beauty-focused? Are you an active Facebook user or Tweeter? If so, keep up with the latest beauty news including cosmetic medical treatments via social media. We have identified the top 5 aesthetic medicine accounts to cover all of the latest beauty news and trends.

1. The DeNova


When it comes to cosmetic procedures, there are many of us who say, “Oh, I wish I could do that, but I’m not sure if I can afford it. What if it doesn’t work?”  There are others of us who imagine procedures that don’t exist yet, “If there was a procedure that could just do this… I would try it.” For both groups of people, we suggest learning about research opportunities in aesthetic medicine. There are companies across the country such as DeNova Research which offer interested participants a first-taste of new beauty treatments. DeNova Research is an aesthetic medicine research company located in Chicago, IL.  By following their newsletter on Facebook and Twitter, you can learn about research opportunities early. (Sometimes studies fill quickly, so early notice is advantageous.)
Twitter: @DeNovaDish
Facebook: /DeNovaResearch

2. Beauty in the Bag

Who doesn’t like prizes, contests, and giveaways? Beauty in the Bag not only reports on the latest beauty news and products, but also provides their followers with opportunities to try the products on which they report by featuring giveaways. Also follow them to get insider tips from experts. They often interview well-respected beauty industry “gurus.” The great thing about this site is that they not only cover cosmetics, but also cosmetic medical procedures such as laser treatments, injectibles, and surgical procedures.
Twitter: @BeautyintheBag
Facebook: /BeautyintheBag

3. Dr. Steven Dayan

Chicago cosmetic surgeon Steven Dayan has been featured by media such as CNN, Elle, Marie Claire, and O Magazine. To learn more about cosmetic medicine from a physician’s office following Dr. Dayan on Facebook and Twitter is helpful. He often posts videos that allow you to see live treatments, hear from patients who have actually had the treatment done, and debunks cosmetic medicine myths. If you’re interested in learning about cosmetic procedures from inside an actual physician’s office, this one is definitely worth checking out.

Twitter: @drdayan
Facebook: /DrDayan

4. In Your Face

This blog send updates daily on Facebook and Twitter. In Your Face acts dually as a blog and an online forum to discuss cosmetic procedures such as Botox as “nose jobs.” Wondering about the cosmetic procedures your favorite celebrity tries? What about the latest news surrounding FDA-clearance of a cosmetic pharmaceutical that you’ve been interested in trying?  In Your Face covers all cosmetic surgery news and allows their followers to interact and discuss the news.
Twitter: @InYourFace
Facebook: /InYourFaceOC

5. SkinCeuticals

This skincare line is dedicated to education. They hold live Facebook chats so that people can ask question online from the brand’s experts. The products are updated frequently due to the company’s multiple research labs around the globe. By following them online, you are able to keep up with their latest products that often utilize innovative technology to target new problems.
Twitter: @SkinCeuticals
Facebook: /SkinCeuticals

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