Summary: Scars can ruin your self-image, and while there is nothing that can be done to permanently remove them, doctors have many techniques up their sleeves when it comes to reducing your scar’s visibility.

Don’t Give Up

Almost everyone has a scar and nearly everyone who does wishes they could hide it forever. While it is important to keep in mind that scars can never really be removed for good (unless you replace it with another scar), there are many ways doctors can visibly reduce their appearance. Your specific scar will determine which technique will be best for you. If you wish that your scars would just disappear, don’t give up- there is hope out there!

All about Scars

A visible scar that is displeasing to the eye can be traumatic for the person who has to carry it with them day to day. If it is in a place where others can easily see it, this can make things even worse. The exciting news is, you have options and you are definitely not alone. To achieve what is known as a “cosmetically acceptable scar,” doctors will work to make it level with the surrounding skin, soft, narrow, and a good color match.

Techniques for Your Revision

There are a number of different techniques that doctors may use to reduce the viability of your scar. Below are just a few of these listed so that you can get an idea of what you may be able to expect during your revision process:

Serial Partial Excision: If your scar is extreme or severe, doctors will likely use a technique that extracts the scar all together. Less visible scars will be made in its place, but for large imperfections this is often the most successful way.

Excisional Techniques: By shaving off a scar that is elevated and making it flush with the skin, doctors will be able to reduce the scars appearance. After your skin heals, you will be left with a smoother surface that doesn’t draw as much attention as elevated scars.

Fusiform/Elliptical Excision: By creating a circular cut and removing the scar as the center, surgeons will be able to dramatically reduce the appearance of your scar. Best for depressed scars, the scar tissue left behind will be much less visible than that of the original.

Learn the Facts

The above is just a small sample of all the techniques doctors have in their arsenal when it comes to solving your scar crisis. If your specific abnormality is larger/smaller or different than the ones listed above, there is still a great chance that doctors will be able to help you. Discuss everything you’ve read here with your doctor, and he may give some other suggestions as well. Scar revision surgery is one step closer to a happier you.

Your Doctor Is Here To Help

Improving your appearance and reducing the visibility of your skins imperfections may have a dramatic impact on your self-image or self-esteem. You can’t remove a scar completely, but doctors have many different ways of making them less obvious. By removing them and replacing them with less visible scars, or by shaving them down and making them blend into your skin more, there are ways to make it so you don’t have to suffer alone. Make an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon soon, because you have every right to a scar free, incredible life.

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