Summary: When it comes to the many choices a woman makes when having breast augmentation, one of the biggest is whether to choose silicone or saline implants. Saline breast implants may not currently be as popular as silicone, but they do remain the preferred choice for many. Here’s a deeper look into some of the myths that surround saline implants, as well as a few facts that may help you decide which type of breast implant could be best for you.

shutterstock_49573330 (1)Saline Implants Never Feel Soft, Right?

Silicone implants continuously win the popularity contest among women having breast augmentation because both women and their plastic surgeons believe that silicone implants feel more like real breast tissue.

However, this doesn’t mean that saline implants can’t deliver an outstanding finalresult as well. The new IDEAL IMPLANT® is an innovative saline breast implant design that feels more natural thanks to a patented series of nested shells that improve the way saline moves within the shells for a soft, organic look and feel.

Why Your “Pre” Breasts and Implant Placement Matter

Saline implants have often gotten a bad rap for their tendency to show visible rippling under the skin, but the IDEAL IMPLANT® reduces this effect. Submuscular implant placement can further reduce the likelihood of any visible rippling from saline implants.

How much existing breast tissue you have before augmentation plays a big role in how detectable your breast implants will be, and a saline implant can be well-camouflaged when a woman has plenty of existing breast tissue to cover the implant.

Don’t Stress about Silent Ruptures

One of the upsides to silicone implants is that if the implant ruptures, the cohesive nature of the silicone gel inside means that it doesn’t deflate. Yet, since the breast remains the same size, most women have no idea the implant has failed. This possibility causes concern for many women who don’t like the idea of a silent rupture and don’t want to pay for pricey MRIs to constantly confirm implant integrity.

The IDEAL IMPLANT® can be a wonderful option for these women who want the peace of mind of having a saline implant but who don’t want to sacrifice the natural feel that silicone can offer. This revolutionary saline implant design feels just as soft as silicone, but will deflate in the event of a leak or rupture just like a traditional saline implant, bypassing the need for expensive diagnostic imaging tests.

Saline Implants Sometimes Offer Better Symmetry

All women have some degree of asymmetry between their breasts, and this is something plastic surgeons can correct when performing breast augmentation. One advantage that saline implants have over silicone is that they can give yourplastic surgeon more freedom to correct asymmetry.

Silicone implants come pre-filled in specific sizes from the manufacturer. A saline implant is an empty shell that is placed in the breast pocket and then filled with sterile saline. Silicone implants generally go up in size in set increments, but saline implants can be filled to a custom-tailored volume, resulting in more precision when restoring symmetry.

Implant Type Is a Personal Decision

There’s no right or wrong type of breast implant, only the breast implant type that will better for you. You should carefully weigh the benefits of the different types of implants before deciding which is best for meeting your goals, and you can only do that once you have all the facts about them. Discuss your hopes and concerns with your board-certified plastic surgeon to decide whether saline, silicone or the new IDEAL IMPLANT® is right for your breast augmentation.