Social Media Stars and Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty and YouTube stars seems like the new big thing. Many of these YouTube stars are going under the knife and documenting it as they go--a process that used to be called “vlogging” but now goes by any number of other monikers. In any case, is this new relationships between rhinoplasty and YouTube stars a good thing, which provides a benefit to the overall plastic surgery community? It’s worth thinking about--and discussing.

how often do you think about getting a nose job?

In a recent Instagram post, social media star Lele Pons openly discusses her past rhinoplasty procedure. She posts before and after photos and is really quite transparent about the entire process. Pons is an interesting example of this phenomenon. She has over 25 million Instagram followers, solidifying the kind of popularity and celebrity that can really be influential. In a way, that’s indicative of a new era: the era of rhinoplasty and YouTube stars.

Investigating Rhinoplasty and YouTube Stars

In part, this new era of nose jobs is certainly a good thing. Social media celebrities who provide rhinoplasty information and experience are doing a service, helping new patients become acclimated with the nose job and all that comes with it.

The one area we have some reservations is when it comes to the development of unrealistic expectations. No two nose jobs are exactly alike. And your nose job might not turn out precisely like one YouTube celebrity’s did. Indeed, if there’s one thing that this era of rhinoplasty and YouTube stars is critically good for, it’s showcasing the kinds of topics that can be discussed in a plastic surgery consultation. And that’s where the entire process starts.

The Benefits of Rhinoplasty and YouTube Stars

We can start by discussing some of the benefits that rhinoplasty and YouTube stars bring to the table. Because we do want to emphasize that this is a good thing. Our reservations don’t discount the benefits that come from a significant degree of exposure and transparency. Some of those benefits include:

  • A more realistic depiction of beauty: Modern beauty standards are incredibly exacting. And there’s this myth out there that you should be able to attain those standards naturally, no matter what. The way that YouTube celebs are open and honest about their rhinoplasty really undercuts this pernicious myth. And that’s a good thing (granted, there are other issues revolving around financial barriers to beauty and so on, but that’s a different conversation).
  • Patients have a better idea of what to expect: Because many patients have seen the entire process–including the consultation and the recovery–on these YouTube videos, they often come into the surgical offices with a much better idea of what to expect. That can help them prepare for their own rhinoplasty procedures (especially the recovery process, which is sometimes easier to learn about by seeing than by other means).
  • Videos of rhinoplasty success can get patients excited about plastic surgery: One of the other significant benefits of this rhinoplasty and YouTube celebrity phenomenon is that it gets people excited about plastic surgery. They can actually see a transformation (depending on how confessional each individual YouTube star tends to get). When you see a transformation like that on a YouTube video, it can really get you thinking about what might work for you. And can help motivate patients to seek out plastic surgery.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are plenty of other benefits to rhinoplasty being seen more often on YouTube, just as there are benefits from any type of plastic surgery being seen on YouTube. But it is important that these depictions of rhinoplasty are accurate and transparent.

Drawbacks of Nose Jobs on YouTube

That’s where it might be useful to discuss some of the drawbacks of rhinoplasty on YouTube. First and foremost, it’s way too easy for inaccurate information to get out there. YouTube hasn’t really changed that; it’s been a problem since the internet, you know, went live. But YouTube can exacerbate that in some instances.

The second major problem is having to do with unrealistic expectations. There are a couple of ways this might manifest:

  • Recovery in “YouTube time” might go by relatively quickly–in a matter of seconds, really. That’s because the video footage is, as is always the case, edited. You don’t want to watch a YouTube video that is four months long! In any case, the editing of such videos (when not done properly) can sometimes give the impression that rhinoplasty recovery goes by a bit quicker than it actually does.
  • Many YouTube social media influencers will undergo what’s called a “non surgical nose job,” in which fillers are deployed to change the shape of the nose. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, and it’s an effective procedure for some patients. But it’s not a typical result–and surgical rhinoplasty is an entirely different procedure. It’s easy to understand why some patients might confuse the two–they do essentially the same thing, but in entirely different ways and at entirely different scales.

Start With a Consultation

The more you know going into your consultation, the better. But it’s still important to go into your consultation with your plastic surgeon with an open mind. In some ways, the emergence of rhinoplasty and YouTube stars might help you do precisely that. In any case, rhinoplasty and YouTube stars are here to stay. And they exert a significant amount of influence. It might just be that this ends up being a good thing; either way, it’s something we should make the most out of while we can.

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