Summary: There are new faces popping up in the world of nasal cosmetic surgery and it’s those of men! More and more males today are requesting rhinoplasty procedures to correct or enhance their most predominant facial feature.

The Stereotype is Over

For decades cosmetic surgery has been seen as a female practice, with most people’s minds going straight to breast augmentation procedures. Today, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The number of men undergoing plastic surgery in Chicago and all over the country has seen such a dramatic rise in the past few years that the playing field is almost level. Many men seek out liposuction to reduce the appearance of male breasts, but right behind that surgery in popularity is none other than rhinoplasty.

The Reasons Men Love Rhino

The reasons behind this spike in popularity shouldn’t come as any surprise to you: men want to look their best, too! Gone are the days when caring about your appearance is just a “girl” thing- males today understand the value of looking and feeling their best. When it comes to rhinoplasty, patients of both genders are often times looking for a way to correct imperfections in their nose that has caused them years of discomfort. Because the nose is the central focus of the face, any issue from a prior fracture or even simply bad genetics is put on display for the world to see and men have had enough!

The Current Economic Climate Effects All Cosmetic Surgery

One of the unfortunate reasons men seem to be undergoing cosmetic surgery in record numbers is in order to stay ahead in the job market. Because of the economy being the way that it is, more and more people today are competing for jobs and the stakes are higher than ever before. Looking young, refreshed, and fit can show confidence and capability. Your nose being one of the first things others notice can send messages you may be unaware of, and have nothing to do with your resume. Some of the most common recession procedures include:

  • Facelifts (to look more youthful and attractive)
  • Eyelid lifts (to appear more awake)
  • Liposuction (for sculpting a body of a man with confidence)
  • And of course, Rhinoplasty: (for making good first impressions)

Many of these procedures will help give you a leg up on the competition, and no man should be afraid to explore his options when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Don’t let previous stereotypes get in the way of making a decision that is best for your wellbeing and health.

Talking it Out with Your Doctor

Men are more likely to suffer a fracture to the nose because of their participation in sports and high risk behavior. It is also common for men to suffer from a deviated septum (the cause of most snoring/sleep apnea issues.) These issues are easy to fix with a cosmetic procedure and won’t only leave you looking better, but also feeling better, as well. If you suffer from any sort of deformity of the nose for whatever reason, talk to a cosmetic surgeon today and listen to his suggestions for correction. Putting your best face forward isn’t just for females anymore- more and more men every year and undergoing rhinoplasty procedures and loving their results!

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