Summary: The most popular cosmetic surgery among teenagers today is rhinoplasty. With the right amount of care and support, surgery like this could help your teen fulfill their dreams and go on to be the adult they dream to be.

The Problem with Bullying

Bullying is a topic that is on everyone’s mind these days. Kids are flat out mean to other kids, and it’s making some teenagers lives miserable having to deal with the ridicule. If your teen is made fun of because of his or her nose, this is a problem that doesn’t need to go uncorrected. While young people undergoing cosmetic surgery can be controversial, with the right support system and a clear understanding of the final outcome, your child could be transformed and be put on a path to success from a very early age.

The Scoop on Rhinoplasty

A cosmetic or corrective procedure performed on the most predominant area of the face (the nose) is referred to as “rhinoplasty.” It is the number one most common elective surgery performed on teens, and is one of the most popular for adults, as well. The nose is the central focus of the face, and this makes people very critical of it. Listed below are some of the imperfections and abnormalities a rhinoplasty procedure could address with your teens nose:

  • Symmetry
  • Overall appearance of profile
  • Size (too big, too small)
  • Projection issues
  • Width (too thin, too wide)
  • Unusual nostrils or nasal tip

Doctors will be able to give you great advice as to what needs to be done on your teen’s nose. Emotions will not cloud your judgment when you put your surgery in the hands of a professional. When it comes to cosmetic surgery for your teen, with the right doctor you will be able to rest knowing that you are doing what is best for your child.

Good Support System

Cosmetic surgery can be controversial because it is sometimes seen as “superficial.” This is because it sometimes can be based a lot in aesthetic corrections. If your child is being ridiculed and bullied because of an issue with their nose, however, this is no longer just a problem of “not looking good.” You what to do whatever you can for your teen, and rhinoplasty can be a permanent solution that may change their outlook on life forever. By discussing their feelings and making sure that they understand the procedure and have realistic expectations of what can happen as a result, there is no controversy… it becomes the right thing to do. Don’t let other people’s judgment of the procedure stop you from making the choice that is right for your teen.

You Know What To Do

Facial growth is complete around age of 13. Good candidates for the procedure are anyone who is healthy and has a good understanding of their expectations. Cosmetic surgery does NOT have to benefits adults only. Once your child becomes aware of the potential side effects and risks of the procedure, rhinoplasty could be a life saver for them. Put a stop to the ridicule your child is receiving and call your doctor today to discuss a rhinoplasty procedure!

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